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Watching Him

She liked watching him sometimes, not that he always knew it. Practicing with his sword, playing with their daughter... The way he smiled at what he was working on sometimes, clearly caught up in his thoughts. She hoped some of those smiles were because of her.   Her own were certainly because of him. They always would be.   For how could she have ever smiled if she'd been left as an undead monstrosity? How would she have learnt the simple joy of running around under the bright sky with the laughter of her daughter and husband, if not for him?   Right now, he was half-asleep at his desk, ink-pen drooping in his hands. It would probably spill all over him if he stayed there, and his back would hurt in the morning. And she didn't want to sleep without him there. Pausing, she weighed her options.   Well, the dagger clattering on the floor had worked very effectively last time. She'd try something else this time, though.   Celuriel made her way over from her hiding place to her barely-conscious husband, and pressed her cold hands (it wasn't warm outside, not at this time of the year, and she'd been out there for a while) against the back of his neck with a pleased little smile on her face.   That certainly woke him up!

This drabble is written from the perspective of Celuriel Aliforn as she muses on her husband, Aniks Aliforn. It's set in a peaceful moment, away from the tragedies of their adventuring life, in calm Ironfalls where their daughter is growing up.


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Mar 26, 2024 18:29 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ah, the cold hand trick. I know it well.

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Mar 26, 2024 18:36 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Also, I love the emotion here <3

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