The Amethystine Regiment

No love, no hate, no attachments, no sadness. How can someone act like more construct than man?
— confused Aletheian soldier
  Arcane magic has a wild freedom to it. It bubbles to life in the bloodlines of unsuspecting mortals, and flourishes in those willing to study it for long enough. Divine magic is far less free with who can use it - the gods and the land bless precious few with the ability to heal and channel their power for good or evil. It should come as no surprise that arcane magic, therefore, has developed a stigma - particularly since it incited the War of Magic and the ensuing Worldrend.   Most nations that still, after five thousand years, have damaging laws for arcane users limit the spellcasters to keeping their abilities secret or not using them within the land's territory. The Medimian Empire takes things a step further. Any person of any age that is detected - through standardised nationwide tests - to have arcane ability is quietly removed from their family and society, and recruited to the Amethystine Regiment.   The Regiment is strictly disciplined and heavily isolated from the rest of the Empire, existing mainly in a large subterranean base known as Castrum Taenarius to the country's northwest next to Mount Arduum. They are not permitted interaction with external forces aside from war, but may develop their own friendships and relationships within their base so long as those do not interfere with their missions. Ability to control one's emotions is prized and encouraged, as is demonstration of loyalty to the Empire.   Arcane study is heavily encouraged, but only within the base. Those rising in power particularly fast are watched carefully, and the most powerful members of the Regiment face far sterner restrictions and control than their fellows. Any member with access to spells at 5th level of higher is dimensionally shackled to prevent teleportation, any member with spells above 7th level is kept under watch, and any with 9th level spells is generally kept in stasis.   The only people who have ever escaped the Regiment are those who have either developed strength in secret and used it to escape before shackles could be placed, or those with far superior magic to the rest. Even then, their indoctrination usually kicks in to keep them trapped - and if they do not escape the Empire fast enough, they will be brought back by Freedom's Thorns.  
Praise the Emperor. Praise the Empire. Stand down, or be incinerated.
— member of the Regiment



One does not volunteer to join the Regiment. The only people welcome into the Amethystine Regiment are those with arcane magic, and they are given no choice. Immigrants to Medimia from other nations are also subject to this limitation; visitors with arcane magic are, however, not arrested for their ability - they are simply required to never use their magic within the country, on pains of expulsion.
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