Talindë Ae'tharis

Champion Talindë Ae'tharis

A faithful follower of the elven goddess Seren, Talindë seeks to restore his Lady to her full power and banish the dark shade of Marvaeth from this reality - but as a Champion, he understands that his duty must sometimes be to the world at large first, rather than to his Lady. His initial attempt to use the Sceptre of Aetharis to return Seren to life was foiled by the interference of the Lost Ones, who revealed the incredible danger of what he'd been attempting - for Marvaeth had been corrupting the ritual from within - and instead requested his aid with their own task. Though reluctant, he acquiesced, and has since been travelling with them.   He has not been Master of the Sceptre for long, but already understands the danger it holds. He doesn't know how long the Sceptre's power has taken from him, but knows it's been enough to cause concern - when the party were with him, the Sceptre shortened a month into two days for them alone. Whilst he has since obtained stabilising pauldrons, Talindë isn't foolish enough to believe the problem solved, and has been meditating and communicating with the Sceptre since.

Physical Description

Body Features

Pale skin with yellow undertones. On his wrists lie the Champion Marks of Seren, gleaming in his skin as blue-green crystals. Beneath his armour, the crystals have delicately entwined themselves around his upper torso and shoulders, and the hints of gems can be seen beginning to crawl up his neck. He finds them fascinating, and has gained an extra layer of protection from their presence.

Facial Features

His face is narrow and angled, as many elven faces typically are, and a light dusting of silvery-blonde stubble graces his jawline (accompanied by the beginnings of a beard).

Year of Birth
5477 (149 years old)
Biological Sex
Bright blue.
Long silver-blond hair kept half-up in a ponytail; silver streaks run through it, though not caused by age.


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