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Psychic Magic

The rise of arcane magic gave birth to a war of untold proportions, followed by a confluence of destructive energy that threatened all we knew. Our world is twice-scarred by the arrival of one new magic: the arrival of a third may well tear the very fabric of our star asunder.
  As the everlasting argument between the factions of arcane and divine rages on, having now been accepted as the norm by the large majority of deities, a third form of magic seeks to rise in the shadows. Whilst divine magic is that flowing through the outer planes and gifted by deities upon mortal worshippers, and the inherently-chaotic arcane magic defies deific control to grant mortals and lands strange and unwieldy powers, psychic magic lurks within the threads of every sentient being. It draws on the core of a given being's psyche, its power flourishing in those with full emotions and wide mindsets.   It is dangerous. To dabble in psychic magic unawares is to not risk trapping oneself in their own mind, or to risk allowing someone else to claim one's mind for themselves, but to constantly walk a tightrope of mental stability upset by the smallest outburst of emotion. Of that, there can be no question.  

Manifestations of Psychic Magic

The first psychic casters have only recently begun appearing, each manifesting their powers in different ways. Eirian Pa'lustris bears the power of a full-blown psychic with the intense mental strain that comes alongside it, and masks their cruel fate by deceiving witnesses into thinking their magic is only arcane in nature. Lirien held the banner of 'mesmerist', allowing her manipulative powers of enchantment that would prove her downfall. A psychic's mind is strong in will, but their ability to do battle in a mindscape puts them at risk of a loss few others face. For Lirien, a moment of mental weakness in the haunted lands of Tenaerul allowed dark entities to slip into her mind and pull her astray.   Sonja llsyth, only surviving member of the Compass Rose, has also been rumoured to possess psychic magic. Perhaps it was this that allowed her group to so handily trick and destroy the Mad Witch Chari in the western forests of the Aletheian Empire. How her capture and imprisonment by Lord Riven Drast will have affected her mental state and psychic powers is currently unknown.


Varies heavily between casters.  
  • Those known as 'mesmerists' use their psychic powers to beguile and enchant, their very gazes burning into the souls of those who would challenge them.
  • 'Psychics' wield power similar to sorcerers, spontaneously shattering minds and throwing fireballs with just a thought. 'Mediums' draw spirits forth from beyond, allowing them to take up residence in the - medium's own body in exchange for great power.
  • 'Occultists' see into the world around them and focus on the magic binding aspects of the physical realm together.
  • 'Spiritualists' make allies of the dead, saving souls from undeath in return for servitude.
  • Finally, 'kineticists' channel the psychic echoes of the Elemental Planes, utilising wild and dangerous magic to create great feats of evocation-like magic that damage their own bodies.
  • It is not yet known if there are further forms of psychic practitioner - or if these dangerous beings may combine their skills with the other two forms of magic.
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    Access & Availability
    Seems to appear in those prone to strong emotions with some natural inclination towards magic. Unknown as to whether it can be studied. Incredibly rare as of 5626.
    Psychic magic deals with the tenuous magics of the mind and heart. It plays not with ley lines or deific power, but with that spawned from within - the deepest desires and whims of any creature made manifest.   Needless to say, it is immeasurably complex - as both divine magic and arcane magic each are.
    Unknown - very few aware of its existence, with that small number including the Lost Ones.

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