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  Outsiders are beings composed of the material of a plane external to the Material Plane. Unlike humanoids, the soul of an outsider is one with their body. Typically, an outsider is anchored to the plane they were formed from and cannot be truly killed unless they are within it - however, exceptions to this are known to exist. Outsiders do not need to eat or sleep, and due to the state of their souls, usual forms of resurrection magic do not typically function on them. Only powerful spells that may restore a destroyed body and soul may resurrect a slain outsider.   There is a significant distinction between an outsider and a native outsider. Native outsiders, though still formed from the essence of an external plane, have a strong link to the Material Plane. Unlike true outsiders, these native outsiders must eat and sleep, and their soul exists separately to their body. Though they retain many traits of their otherworldly heritage, they yet maintain their mortal status.   Outsiders from the Outer Sphere include aeons, agathions, angels, azatas, archons, asuras, daemons, demodands, demons, devils, divs, inevitables, kytons (or velstracs), proteans, psychopomps, qlippoths, and sakhil.   Outsiders from the Inner Sphere include elementals and geniekind. Notably, fey are not considered outsiders; they are their own unique species.   Native outsiders are typically hybrid species, such as ifrits, undines, oreads, sylphs, aasimar, and tieflings.

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