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Lunar Dragon

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  Lunar dragons are outer dragons alien to most planets, preferring instead to exist in the void of space. They are social creatures, but are quite alien to most mortals. Their scales shimmer with opalescent moonlight, and their wings are said to glow with the light of the stars as they fly.   Creatures immune to cold may still be affected by a lunar dragon's freezing breath, summoned directly from the void of space. Their presence is so alien that it may drive others insane if pressed against their minds, and their breath weapons do not only produce cold - but also brilliant moonlight. The most ancient of lunar dragons are so moulded by the moonlight that their scales have become like mirrors in their time in space, and rays that would strike them are instead reflected to their source.   To cope with brilliance in the depths of space, lunar dragons develop immunity to the blinding and dazzling effects of bright light and patterns.   Lunar dragons are typically worshippers of the draconic pantheon deity Sinaske, greatest of the lunar dragons.
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