Outer Dragon

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  Outer dragons are true dragons that are native to the depths of space. Unlike the typically-evil chromatic dragons or typically-good metallic dragons, outer dragons are typically various shades of neutral.   Outer dragons possess an alien presence that surrounds them due to their unnatural origins; the exact range of this ability is dependent on the dragon's age. They can see perfectly in even magical darkness due to eyes developed for the void of space, and have no need to breathe. In outer space, they can travel through the void unharmed and fly at incredible speeds - a trip within a solar system is a matter of hours for an outer dragon, and beyond it, only days if they know the path to their destination. This boon, they may share with their passengers.
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Cover image: Istralar Generic Header by Hanhula (ft. photos from Phil Botha, Jonny McKenna, and Luca Bravo)


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