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Letter from the Front: Ash-stained Terror

A letter written from Jerrik, an Aletheian footsoldier, to his beloved Amelia, in the midst of a vicious war between the Aletheian Empire, The Medimian Empire, Terenholt, and Ordan.   The contents, plus accounts from high-ranking members of the Aletheian military, were enough to spur further action by the self-proclaimed Empire of Light - namely, the mobilisation of multiple squadrons of divine warriors, and the transport of a large number of forces from the Empire's southern reaches to the battlefield that Terenholt had become.


This letter was found in an Aletheian army camp at the end of a particularly brutal day. The signatory, one 'Jerrik', has been identified as a former soldier for the Aletheian Empire, who had perished in the fighting earlier that day. It has been returned to the Empire's capital to pass on the crucial information contained within, and to function as a solemn reminder to the people of the Aletheian Empire.

Historical Details


In the winter of 5622 heading into 5623, The Medimian Empire declared war on Terenholt and the Aletheian Empire with an invasion of Terenholt's land, intent on pressing through to the opposing Empire. Ordan, never appreciative of war efforts by its doorstep, joined the war to prevent any forces from heading its way. As spring approached, Mount Elendûr was provoked into erupting thanks to the actions of Riven and The Lost Ones in Vaermyrhel - serving to fill the sky with ash for many miles around, turning the sky above the battlefield blood-red. The Medimian Empire, historically sworn to the Lord of Hell, Asmodeus, used this opportunity to call forth their Amethystine Regiment for the first time in this war, wielding dark arts of conjuration and necromancy against the other three nations in an unexpected attack.
Text, Letter
Authoring Date
Early 5623


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May 8, 2018 13:17 by Barbarossa Sparklebeard

Very well written letter. The fear in the wording is well done and I felt the emotion of this soldier trapped in this terrible situation. A+!

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May 8, 2018 14:42 by Han

Thank you! I've not had much of a chance to write anything from the perspective of random unknowns in the world, so this was fun to do n_n

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