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Worldember 2020 and Advent Calendar Prompts

Welcome! Here are all the articles I wrote during Worldember 2020 and its associated Advent Calendar writing prompts. As with my Summer Camp 2020 Articles, the focus of this world is still heavily on the country of Kinilan, though I've started doing some thinking about more general characteristics common to the entire culture dating from the First Empire (of which Kinilan and many other traditionally organized countries are descended), as well as hints on entirely separate cultural groups. Some of these are only half completed as of writing this summary article, others have far more detail than I'd ever have expected myself to put into the topic (see the parlour game and sport prompts for major examples).  

WorldEmber freeform articles

The Nature of Magic: Fundamentals of how magic works in Irion.   Kinilan: The country in which most of my worldbuilding has taken place so far, primarily discussing governance.   The Great War: A war spanning nearly 100 years between the countries of Kinilan and Chelestra.   Rethis Canal: The longest canal in Kinilan, connecting the city of Rethis in the Iron Hills to Antius, the capital   Jabru, God of Death: The god of death. Not as bloodthirsty as you might expect.   The Embrace: A religious order dedicated to Jabru, the god of death, who act as morticians and caretakers for the dead and the dying.   Runic Engine: A magical device that uses heat energy to power a lifting arm or other such mechanical device. Similar in import to the steam engine, though functions through leverage rather than rotation.  

Advent Calendar Prompts

Day 1: Describe a building in your world is used for leisure pursuits? What does it look like, and what do people do there?
The Phoenix: A restaurant in the city of Rethis, built during the reconstruction efforts of the last few years.   Day 2: Tell us about a famous explorer in your world. What did they discover?
Riswynn Silverstone: A rough and tumble prospector who didn't particularly care that there was a war going on where she was prospecting.   Day 3: Write about a conflict in your world known for being unprovoked or unfair.
The Wine Wars: Following up on 3 Summer Camp articles that all danced around this fight. Most people don't know who actually started it even today, but to those who lack key details, it's an example of how out of touch with reality the nobility were, and to those that do know the full story, it's an entirely one-sided masterstroke by the man who triggered it all.   Day 4: Tell us about a religious text in your world
The Daivasta: One of many collections and summaries of information about deities. Often includes a wealth of information on a specific focus group and summary information on a much larger collection.   Day 5: Describe the common symbols and color associations with a culture in your world.
Kinilani Colour Theory: I figured I'd have no ideas for this, but this has since become a touchstone for so many articles I wrote after it. Apparently seven is now an important number in Kinilani culture as a result of the 7 major colour categories found here.   Day 6: Describe a geographic location beneath the surface - what can you find lurking there?
The Underways: Mysterious tunnels built beneat the surface, and where they lead.   Day 7: Describe a historically significant piece of jewelry in your world. What stories does it carry?
The Archmage's Stone: A stone created by magic, serving to both identify an Archmage and empower their spells.   Day 8: Share some common idioms and phrases from a culture in your world.
Languages in Kinilan: This will eventually be an overall summary of languages that players will have to choose from, as well as some out-of-context nods to what languages I'm pillaging for various words.   Day 9: The richest people in the world build monuments from this stuff. Where do you get it and what special properties does it have?
Novaculite: A fancy metamorphic rock, more durable than marble, and sometimes as pretty. Actually exists, though its effects on magic remain untested in the real world for obvious reasons.   Day 10: Describe a military unit in your world that is famous for its unique ranged weapon.
Devestator Squad: I fully admit this is a bit of a cheat. Magic is a fairly common weapon in this world, it's more how it's deployed that is a unique situation. But they'd certainly be legends on both sides of the battlefield.   Day 11: Tell us a myth or legend about how your world came to be from a religion, cult, or group in your world
The Worldbuilder's Masterpiece: A fable used for teaching children about several of the deities. Known to be fiction and actively opposed by priests of some of the deities represented therein.   Day 12: Describe a famous criminal organization and the unlawful acts they commit in your world.
The Drakon: A widely respected group that provides information to other criminals in exchange for a share of the loot.   Day 13: Reviled or revered, describe a profession that causes strong reactions in a culture.
Magus: A catchall classification for those who practice magic. Generally widely respected, occasionally feared, depending on the nature of those powers and their source.   Day 14: Describe the Rank and responsibilities of someone who's considered "in charge" of an organization, religion, or settlement in your world.
High Sovereign: Kinilan's elected monarch, acting as both head of executive and chair of the legislature. Primarily working as a coordinator between the various groups.   Day 15: Describe a ruined structure that nature has reclaimed. What was its original purpose?
Copper Cliff: An old copper mine abandoned during the Great War.   Day 16: Write about a dangerous insect or animal in your world
Axainadrax: A turqoise lizard with a lot of muscle and a nasty poisonous bite.   Day 17: Describe a bustling market settlement in your world. What can I find for sale?
Jera: The largest port city in Kinilan, and one of the biggest trade hubs in the world.   Day 18: Tell us about a famous wreckage in your world. What happened to it?
Canal Plateway Incident: A disastrous attempt to turn a mechanical novelty into a useful transport system. Has become synonymous with foolishness.   Day 19: When people say "the middle of nowhere" or "the frontier" what settlement name do they use?
Boryza: A research outpost out near the border of the wildlands. Self sufficient for food and water, but not much else.   Day 20: Write about a condition caused by an insect or animal's bite
Axainadrax Paralysis: Slowly spreading paralysis that eventually leads to death.   Day 21: Describe an invention in your world that helps people with disabilities.
Ear Horn: Devices to aid those who are hard of hearing, with a variety of magical enhancements available.   Day 22: Tell us about a popular parlour game played in a region of your world. What are the rules?
Deulling Circles: A strategy game inspired by the Royal Game of Ur.   Day 23: Create a building which is feared by a culture of your world
Magicorps Academy: Training mages in the army as fast as possible and shaping them to be as aggressive and remorseless as possible...not exactly an ideal neighbour.   Day 24: Tell us about a famous animal in your world - how did they get to be so famous?
Rasconza: The pet of a nobleman involved in the reconstruction efforts of Rethis. Well known throughout the group working there, as he uses his snow fox's cuteness to ingratiate himself with people.   Day 25: I want to adopt a cute pet in your world. What is it and how do I look after one?
Pygmy Lynx: Looks like a European Lynx, but it's the size of a housecat and behaves similarly.   Day 26: Tell us about a famous entertainment group within your world!
Durava t'Asman: A high end acrobatics troupe, inspired by Cirque de Soleil.   Day 27: A non-contact sport or game - anything from carriage racing to golf!
Petanca Volar: Extreme lawn bowling. Inspired by a vaguely described but complicated game in Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker.   Day 28: Create an area of outstanding natural beauty in your world!
Bethel Falls: A waterfall with yellow rock behind it, looks like gold at the right time of day.   Day 29: The ultimate love story - Romeo and Juliet, Venus and Adonis, kanye and Kim....
the Tale of Napir and Nahuntte: A tragic tale of two men who eventually ascended to become gods, back when they first met.   Day 30: Describe a geographically or meteorologically unstable region of your world
The Wildlands: The natural state of the world. Kinilan and other traditionally settled countries use Anchors to avoid having to live in the conditions faced by the denizens of these lands.   Day 31: Write about a pub, hotel, inn or tavern... Who stays there? What's the food like?
The Siduri: A deluxe inn that provides a wide variety of upscale services...with a twist.

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