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Languages in Kinilan

Most people in Kinilan speak a variant of Imperial Common (the primary language used in The First Empire) known as Kinilani, though it is mutually intelligible with several other nearby countries. Elves, Dwarves and several other species have also maintained their ancestral tongue, which can be most commonly heard in communities largely made up of that species or in rites originating from their culture.  

Common Phrases

[They are] like Napir and Nahuntte
Depending on context, either oblivious of consequences of their actions, passionately in love, or men who are not interested in women.
[An object is] worthy of Insushinak/the Worldbuilder
Something that is exceptionally well crafted. Generally limited to manufactured goods, but sometimes referring to nature in reference to a legend about Insushinak creating the world.
[Someone has] gone to the Embrace
A euphemism for the dead, sometimes used to refer to people who have joined The Embrace, a religious order that many regard with fear and superstition.
Jabru's Peace
A rule enforced in temples and facilities run by The Embrace, dictating them as places of sanctuary. Occasionally mistaken for the peace of death.
Jabru Weeping
Formally, the aspect of Jabru invoked by death on a wide scale, such as on a battlefield. More commonly used as an exclamation of dismay.
Jabru wept
A turn of phrase used to convey wholesale slaughter, often seen as overly dramatic when used outside of literature.
Regarding Wine
Unpalatable wine, or wine from another country.
Tasty, simple, and affordable wine.
Exceptionally high quality wine. Lower classes often spread the term to mean 'luxurious' in general.
Historically Inspired
The Fall
The fall of the First Empire, approximately 1740 years ago.
A Jeran Plateway
An unmitigated disaster, particularly one that was easily forseeable.
The War
The recently ended Great War.
They don't run things they way they used to.
A conversational way to identify oneself as a Royalist.
Assorted other phrases
[A person is] from Rethis/Boryza
Provincial, simple. Rethis refers more to industry, someone who deals in iron rather than wine; Boryza refers to an utter lack of refinement, and is far more insulting.
No reserves
A tack-on phrase indicating honesty. No secrets, nothing being held back. Refers to a rule in Deulling Circles.
[A person is] peppered up
Intoxicated on stimulants. Referring to Peppercurrant, a common narcotic with severe side effects.

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