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Expo Call To Arms


A Call To Arms for every idle and non-essentially deployed Soulventure to join the soon to be started Expo Raids. These Raids would be the biggest, deadliest and most fierce battles soulkind has ever fought.

Historical Details


With the expansion of soulkind towards the south-east and the construction of Fort Expo, a raid on a global scale was always in the coming. Fort Expo, the first huge military outpost was contructed in order to defend against hightened beast attack on the southern front. On the publication date of this document, that front has come to a standstill between man and beast. For the military to finally break through the horde and liberate the Expo Grounds, Revia Juliya Farrie and the military have published the Call To Arms to officially recruit Soulventures to aid their cause.


The south-east has always been an easier territory to liberate, so naturally soulkind has advanced there the most. Suddenly, the liberating Soulventures have gone missing, swallowed up by the Fog. Beyond the grounds of Fort Expo, a deadly wasteland was discovered, the likes of which were thought to be impossible. Now, three years later, a call to arms has been formally requested, to finally breach through the Expo Grounds and liberate them.
Announcement, Invitation
Authoring Date
21st Rotation of the 10th Cog, 10 AFA
Signatories (Characters)
Signatories (Organizations)

Cover image: Call To Arms Illustration by Midjourney


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