Riverrock Castle


The only individuals that currently live at the castle are the caretakers and generals of the Conclave Army. These have changed numerous times over the life of the castle.


Martial Law rules the castle, as it is under the direct control of the Conclave Army.


The best defense of the castle is its location. The castle can be found at the top of a cliff that overlooks the river running from Heartland to the Expanse of Styx. With its vantage point and elevation, it is incredibly defensible.    The stone inner and outer walls provide significant defense against ground attacks. The inner walls are lined with ballista meant for aerial assaults. The army that stands there is part of the Conclave Army and the home base of the Heartlands Guard.


The castle has a series of gates and walls. The outerwall is large enough to contain a farm that is used by the current inhabitants and stationed soldiers. It has a double gate that is guarded constantly.   What is considered the castle proper is the Inner Wall and the Keep. Only a few structures are in the inner wall which are the major necessities for the castle to keep going including a blacksmith, a well, barracks, and an armory. The keep is the last station of defense with its own barricades.


The keep is equipped with food storage that is an extradimensional space. It is able of preserving food for 3 months of a fully manned castle.


Any record of the original builder of the Riverrock Castle has been lost due to The Great Burning. That was the first time that the castle had seen almost complete ruin. While those that manned the castle during The Great Burning all died, much of the foundation to the castle remained. Its critical strategic point was lying along the river from the Expanse of Styx. The castle stands as a guard to anything venturing in from the sea, either through the river or over land.   For a time it was inhabited not as a castle but by lumberers and farmers. The Empires to rise after the Great Burning would eventually take over the castle to resume in land conflicts and other conflicts. It changed hands constantly.   When the Demon King took over Itherion the castle was conquered by demons. The keep was rebuilt to contain prisoners and used as a place of torture. When the Demon King fell, the castle was abandoned.   It would not be until after the forming of the Conclave of Races that the castle would be used again. The castle had become inhabited by monsters and a group of adventurers set out to clear it. When they returned successfully, the Conclave rebuilt the Keep and restored it as a castle. Because of its history, many say that the place is haunted.
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Pheonix Castle
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