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What is that!
Oh, it's my lunch (They remove a sandwich with eyes from the end of their fishing line)
Do you want some?
— A conversation between a local fisherman and a foreign traveller


The sandfish was created many years ago as the result of a malfunctioning spell. A young mage of the South Islands, left unsupervised by their teacher, attempted to conjure themselves some lunch when their spell backfired. They were unable to control the direction of their magic and it entered the ocean, causing an explosion of sandwich looking fish (commonly referred to as Sandfishes). Although multiple attempts were had at removing this species from Iastarene's oceans, they quickly multiplied and nowadays have become a native species.

Sandfish by Frod0_baggins


Sandfishes are sandwich-like in nature but with large eyes at the front. They also have small side fins and a tale fin which often appear to look like lettuce or some other sandwich filling. The filling of each sandfish varies, although they are most commonly ham or cheese alongside a vegetable of some form. Although they spend their lives underwater, once taken out of the water they are quick drying and their bread-like outside does not go soggy.


Sandfishes are native to the southern isles of Iastarene, particularly around the ports of Dentallie. They prefer shallow, warmer, water so are often caught by fisherman who fish from the beaches. They have so far not been spotted outside of Iastarene and, therefore, it has been concluded that they prefer not to travel too far from home.


Sandfishes are often a common snack for busy fisherman as they are easy to catch and don't need to be cooked. Aside from food, they have no other notable uses. There have been very little studies into how exactly they live or survive, and their existence is purely because of magic. Because of their origins in magic, it is now illegal to be caught with a sandfish due to laws outlawing magic and it's by-products. This initially sparked debate as sandfish are not technically magical themselves, however, this law is now widely accepted.

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Dec 24, 2023 18:14 by Absinthe

It is cute sandwich.

Dec 25, 2023 07:40

What a lovely magical idea and I'd want to know more about their way of life and it's great that you remembered that they dry quickly when on land - who wants to eat wet bread?

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Dec 26, 2023 16:22

Thank you so much for reading! I had a lot of fun writing it.

Dec 25, 2023 21:47 by Elspeth

I love this idea! Do the sandfishes ever taste like fish?

Dec 26, 2023 16:24

Thank you! I feel like a sandfish is probably any flavour except fish. Not sure why but I feel like it would just seem a bit weird.

Dec 26, 2023 16:31 by Elspeth

XD Yes! That is perfect.

Dec 31, 2023 21:20 by Jacqueline Yang

The strangest, funniest, yet unsettling sandwich and/or fish I've ever seen. Excellent article. Very fun and cute.

Jan 1, 2024 15:45

Thank you!

Jan 2, 2024 21:02

So silly, I low it! The idea is simple and enjoyable, good job :) One thing that might be cool to add is a map link in the sidebar so we can visually see Lastarene

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Thanks! I currently have the map set as the article header but will definitely take your idea into account when working on CSS updates later in the year.

Jan 7, 2024 10:05

I don't know why but I love this article, its so cute and silly and yet so easily immersive without even trying, Kudos to the creator! The article while short conveys everything that needs to be known by this interesting accidental magical happenstance, the author does this with a clean clear layout, use of styles and original imagery. On that note, I really want a sandwich one!

Jan 7, 2024 20:14

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.