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Adventurers Guide to Iastarene

The sky is dark and the air is cold. The sea whistles in the wind.   Iastarene is the harsh island community in which your story begins. In the aftermath of a community shattered by war, you must choose your own path of survival. Do you choose to fight for the independence of the selkie - folk, putting your life on the line to save other? Or do you side with the dwarves, choosing the easy route to power and disregarding the suffering of those less fortunate than you? Whatever your decision, your actions will change the course of the future.   Alongside other adventurers you will face unimaginable perils and hold the continuation of society in your hands. Fighting against forces of good and evil you will make choices that cost lives. Do you choose to continue?


The rain is thundering down around you as you trudge through the dark, empty streets. Suspicious faces peer out at you between the cracks of heavily shuttered windows. You are all alone. Out of the corner of your eye, you catch sight of a fluttering sheet of parchment pinned to a wall. You walk towards it, your feet slipping and sliding on the cobbled road. As you reach out to grab the sheet, you freeze. The sea whispers in your ears and a voice echoes on the wind: 'Save us'...  

There's places to see...

  Iastarene is an island of two parts, the north islands and the south Islands, each with their own capital cities. In the north, Ostarith stands tall and proud as the grander of the two cities and home to most of the Isles aristocracy. Dentallie on the other hand, is the largest; a sprawling mass of housing more similar in grandeur to a large village than a city.   Surrounding in them are a range of towns and villages spread miles apart across their barren landscape. For most of Iasterene's citizens, travel is out of the question. This, although building a strong sense of community, creates a high suspicion of new-comers and causes less active community members to become outcasts and hermits.  

...and people to meet.

  On your adventures in these treacherous lands you will meet many foes and a few friends. The Isles were once predominantly inhabited by a mix of elves and dwarves who lived in harmony longside their ocean-dwelling neighbours the selkiefolk. This harmony, however, existed many years before your coming and is little spoken of among the younger generations.   Now the Isles are divided, the coming of the dwarves tore apart families and destroyed friendships, creating a war that raged for centuries. Now the selkiefolk have left (seeking refuge in the sea) and the dwarves rule over the remaining citizens with an iron fist. Be warned, traveller, in this doubt-ridden society, do not be too quick to trust; it will bring about your downfall.

Safe Travels

With the wind at your back, you stare out at the crashing waves and the relentless sea. Birds turn cartwheels overhead, their cries echoing in the evening air. The voice continues: 'Save us, save us, save us...' You have a decision to make; one that might just change your life.

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