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Personal Acknowledgements

All content was made by Frod0_baggins except where stated otherwise. Please do not copy/use/redistribute without explicit permission from me, the author. You are allowed to use my world's content for your private roleplaying sessions but you cannot include it in your own published products without explicit permission from me.


At this time Iastarene has no commisioned art.

Map Brushes

Stamp brushes were used in the creation of Iastarene's map. These were created by 'TheDoor' for Clip Studio Paint's asset store. According to Clip Studio Paint's asset usage terms and conditions, all downloaded assets can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes without permission from the creator. At some point in the future, I hope to update the map to contain my own artwork for the trees, mountains and houses.

Creative Commons and Public Domain

  • Some images were used under the terms of Pixabay's content license.

Generators and Tools

Challenge Badges, Footers and Headers

Any challenge badges, footers, headers or related graphics are created by World Anvil and are not owned in any way by me. They used as a means to show an article's affiliation with a challenge or event and are only used to illustrate this purpose.

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