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Erren Wynnala's Castle of Curiosities

On a bright sunny day...

On the outskirts of town, just inside the forest, their is a crumbling castle tower. Ever since you were a young child, you have been warned against visiting, warned against the old woman who lives there, and warned against learning that the past was better than they taught you. Yet it has always piqued your curiosity, as do most places you aren't really supposed to go.   On your morning walk you pass by the edge of the forest, a familiar path winding away into its depths. You pause. The sun is shining brightly in the sky and you aren't expected home for a few hours yet. With childhood warnings in the forefront of your mind you begin to continue your journey, but there's something drawing you towards the path. Even as you turn to walk away, you find your feet leading you down the overgrown track; into the heart of the forest.
Welcome, welcome to my castle of curiosities. In this crumbling ruin I have collected relics of the time gone past, documenting a way of life no longer known to use. Enter if you wish and and catch a glimpse of harmony and hope, among other things. I grant you good look on your journey through time; feel free to stay for tea...
— Erren Wynnala the edge of the woods

The path seems to grow fainter as it leads you into the woods. After a few minutes, you reach a creaking gate. Pushing it open, you find yourself at the foot of a crumbling castle tower. The rocks around you suggest that this is all that is left of a once magnificent castle. The tower appears abandoned, wreathed in vines and half obscured by trees, yet a small, freshly painted sign beside the door reads: Erren Wynnala's Castle of Curiosities. You push open the door and step inside. A voice can be heard singing to itself quietly inside...
Erren Wynnala's Castle of Curiosities

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