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The Sword of the Last King

Date: 2956
Origins: This sword was owned by the last king of Iastarene and was a heirloom of his house, rescued after his death at the end of The Great War

Materials and Decorations


The blade of the sword is made of steel, now rusted with age, and inlaid with a pattern of runes. The runes hold the name of King Owen the brave, first king of the Isles, as he was the first owner of the sword. It stayed in his family for generations, passing from father to son.


The hilt shows less signs of age and is set with many precious stones. A sword is an important heirloom for many, but is also an indicator of wealth. The more brightly decorated, the richer the owner. So, the King's sword is particularly intricately adorned.

The Curse of the King's Sword

Since the reign of King Owen, the following Kings have met their death on the battlefield or otherwise died prematurely. Because of this, rumours formed that King Owen's sword held a curse and caused the death of it's owner. For many hundereds of years this was considered nothing more than myth; until the reign of the last king...


This sword was forged for the first king of Iastarene in the year 2013 to celebrate his coronation. Since then, it has been passed down, father to son, to each new heir to the throne. In the year 2914, the sword was passed to King Earen the Deathless, last king of the Isles. He was a superstitious man and rejected the sword, believing it would lead to his death. He was slain during the Great War and the sword was eventually recovered from his halls.

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The Sword of the Last King by Frod0_baggins
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Weapon, Melee
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