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Family Portrait

Date: 2856
Origins: This artifact belonged to a selkie/human family in Ostarith before The Great War. They had two children and, at the time of the portrait, were expecting another.


This Portrait

From a scrawled note on the back of the frame, it is believed that this portrait belonged to the Clearwater family and was painted for them by E.M (no further information is known about the artist).

General History

Family portraits became a trend in the mid 2800s as a way to collectively memorialise a family for generations to come. For the first time in history, children could be introduced to their grandparents and great grandparents, even if only in an image.


Although family portraits are not uncommon in Iastarene, few portraits of selkie/human families survived the great war. They were often destroyed for the safety of those that were pictured or hidden and never recovered. This painting is one of the few that was found after the war.

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Raw materials & Components
The portrait is painted with a oil based paint and framed in wood. The colours are somewhat faded by age but the image is still discernable.

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