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Ironfault Knights

Eternal Loyalty

Written by Endrise

Our shells have been forged in the heart of the mountain, molded around our flesh to be part of us. We cast aside our mortality, for eternal loyalty to the Ascended.

The Iron Foundry is a group of Beetles who, devoted to the Ascended, have cast aside their shells for ones of Iron. Masters of the Nail, veterans of war, they will be loyal to the ruler of Cornerstone even beyond their death.

Clad in Armour

The Iron Foundry gets its name from the shells they wear, which they often call "Divine Armour". Most Beetles take the honour in their shells and as a Beetle grow older, shed them for stronger ones. Combined with their Nail arts and that makes the each one a force to be reckoned with.

However, the Foundry takes their shells a step further, deciding to shed it forever and forge them anew. Through a sacred ceremony the group encases their bodies in such Divine Armour, often when it's still hot, coating one's shell in iron. After the warrior has either adjusted to the weight or succumb to their wounds, the Foundry welcomes their new member, letting them join their ranks.

Entombed in One's Shell

Not every Beetle that undergoes the ceremony survives it. More often than not, while they have their shells encased in iron, many panic and try to get it off in hope to stop the burning. Many throw themselves in the Forge's lake, sealing themselves in a metal shell and drowning in the progress.

Now petrified into statues of their former glory, the Foundry gives their body a final resting spot at the Eternal Gallery. Here, all who died in their armour are either buried or presented to the rest of the Forge, to have their duties never forgotten.

Clad in iron, we stand loyal

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