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Broken Glory

Written by Endrise

Lord Commander Altamire (a.k.a. The Iron Knight)

This kingdom once was a safe haven for the bugs of the Wastelands, a paradise at the roots of a mountain. Me and the Ascended Knights worked together to defend his majesty... But at the darkest hour, I could not save them from the Traitor's wrath...
— Altamire

Lord commander Altamire is the leader of the Ironfault Knights, one of the Ascended Knights during the golden age of Cornerstone. A noble Beetle, coated in the shiniest plate of the kingdom. Leading the fellow beetles of the Forge, the trained Nailmaster has seen better ages and his injured eyesight makes him far from suitable for combat anymore.

The Iron Knight

During his glory days, Altamire was one of the Ascended Knights, the sacred knights of the Ascended itself. Known by the title of the "Iron Knight", he swore his alliance to the higher being as long as it would keep his fellow Beetles save. And for a while, it seemed to work out for him and the Beetles...

...Until The Traitor went ahead and betrayed the Ascended and its knights, leading to a battle between him and Altamire. In a fight against the Wasps and the Traitor, he and his Beetles stood hold. Not before losing his eye, he and his fellow Beetles cast them aside into the depths of Cornerstone. But without the Ascended's aid, the kingdom was already lost.

As the kingdom began crumbling down, he isolated himself amongst the Forge, creating the Iron Foundry and preparing to finally end the Wasps once and for all. Trying to keep up the title as Lord Commander, he now awaits for the next Ascended, hoping to protect them against the Traitor himself.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord Commander
The Iron Beetle
The Iron Knight
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Iron Shell
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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