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Hollow Knight: Hivewing

Long after the Ascended's Death

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Hollow Knight: Hivewing is a fictional kingdom set in the world of Hollow Knight. Located in the kingdom of Cornerstone, this land is built at the root of a mountain near the open sea. Home to bugs of all walks of life, from the hard-working ants to the traitorous wasps, this world has been a place of both beauty and nightmares.

When the kingdom started after one bug found on its peak in what people often call the Ascension, the nation gained its sentience and civilisation. It grew, it rose, but inevitably fell. Warring factions and clans tore one another apart, with the death of the Ascended leaving the rest of the land in shambles.

Now, a kingdom once united has been turned into a war zone of clashing factions fighting to the death. Everyone is trying to gather the last presence of the Ascended's power, slowly going mad as her presence fades...