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The Ascended Kingdom

Written by Endrise

Bugs once came to this place by the hundreds, if not thousands... Now, it's a surprise to even see a single one crawls their way to here.
— Crippled Elder

Near the shores of the Foaming Sea, bordering on the Wastelands, lies the Kingdom of Cornerstone. Home to insects of all walks of life, birthplace of the Ascended, many bugs have journeyed to this land to gain the knowledge it holds. Folk have ventured from beyond the seas to the radiance it once shined, setting up cities and colonies counting in the hundred thousands.

But now, the kingdom is crumbling, for its light has been dimmed. The Ascended is no more, Cornerstone's ruler gone and now leaving the land to fight for the throne. Factions and races are left to fend for their own, as a once grand land now has fallen to ruin.

Alternative Name(s)
Kingdom of Cornestone
The Ascended Kingdom

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