When the people at the Limani Supplies Dealer were looking for a way to effectively communitate with their fellow merchants and clients, the Limani Trading Master asked the Magi Heptagon to clone a phoenix so they could use them as messenger birds. The trading master's inspiration primarily came from the long life span of the bird which would be useful for the organisation. However, no one ever expected the delicious outcome resulting from a malfunction in the cloning process. It was so unique and fun, that they decided to keep the bird that way and ordered a few thousand more.  
"Dad, where's Blippy?"
"Blippy reached his mileage today, dear."
"Is that why we're having waffles for breakfast?"
— A conversation between father and daughter

Tasty Security

Unlike most animals, the WafflePhoenix' life span depends on the number of kilometers it has flown rather than the number of years it has lived. While each flight takes a large toll on the bird, the true life span depends much on the distances flown in one go. Birds that fly relatively short distances and have longer rest times will live longer than birds that have to fly across the globe with as little rest as possible.   Upon reaching the end of its life, the WafflePhoenix does not go up in a ball of flames like a FlamePhoenix would nor will it reincarnate. Instead, upon touching down, it turns into a pile of waffles. That is the result of the mages being unable to figure out how to clone the reincarnation process of phoenixes. Combined with a malfunction in their cloning process, the bird turns into edible waffles upon its death instead of a pile of ashes.   It has become a tradition among merchant families to ensure that their WafflePhoenix is home when it has reached the end of its life. Children and parents thank the bird for its service and share their memories as they eat the waffles.   During the first few uses of the WafflePhoenix, a trader at the Limani Supplies Dealer noticed that the bird would also turn into a pile of waffles when it was being shot from the air. They pitched a new idea to the board of directors to create a new material that would serve as paper. This is how Limani Supplies Dealer Messages came to life. Upon the death of a WafflePhoenix, whether through malintend or simply of old age, the messaging paper would turn into syrup to accompany the waffles. With that, an unexpected layer of security was added to the operation.
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WafflePhoenix by Theiket using MidJourney
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Phoenix Libum
Average Height
30 - 35cm (11.8" - 13.8")
Average Weight
5 - 7kg (11 - 15lbs)
Average Length
45 - 55cm (17.7" - 21.7")
Geographic Distribution

Magi Heptagon

Used By
Limani Supplies Dealer

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