Limani Trading Master

Within the Limani Supplies Dealer, there are many levels of seniority among the merchants. The Limani Trading Master is the highest level one can achieve within the guild. However, it does not just show off the trading skill of a person. Obtaining this rank means that the person will run the guild, and therefore there is a lot more responsibility and skill involved.  
I see in you the next generation of traders. Take this necklace, it is our most valued treasure, worn by the founder Inaeri. Lead this company well in my stead and drive them to a brighter future.
— Ceremony for handing over the title of Limani Trading Master


Obtaining the rank of trading master is no easy feat. Aside from experience in trading, there is also experience to be gained in managing such a large enterprise. The latter is what truly separates the trading master from the common merchant.   First of all, one must master the art of being a Limani Supplies Merchant and a Wandering Merchant. Both types of merchant bring a different set of knowledge. The Limani Supplies Merchant is more coorporate and performance focussed; make the right deals for the most profit. With assignments, a merchant learns how to maintain business relationships. The wandering merchant, on the other hand, often gains the most success from maintaining relationship in general. While they might not always make the most profit with a single trade, they are the ones who bring in new people as clients and customers. These are the merchants who have a wide network of people with whom they continuously keep in touch.   The next path to naturally take within the company is becoming a mentor to teach the new generation of merchants. In this stage, a mentor learns how to manage a small team of young and enthusiastic employees before moving on to leading larger teams, and then projects. Going up this management ladder eventually puts them in a very senior position. Still, these seniors still perform trades to make sure they don't lose touch with the market. Even the current Limani Trading Master will go to the markets themselves and bring along a good chunk of the income. Most of the trades that happen in this stage, are often between companies and are large scale trades that can take up to months to be fully completed.   It is the combination of trading knowledge and people management skill that makes one eligable to become the new Master Trader. When the current person is ready to step down as leader of the Limani Supplies Dealer, they will chose someone from the company they think would be best suited to take over the reigns. A small and temporary board of seniors will cast a vote to agree or disagree with the chosen candidate. If the majority votes against, the Master Trader has an opportunity to make an appeal and explain to the board why they think that the candidate is worthy of becoming the new Limani Trading Master. After the appeal, another round of votes takes place. If the majority is still against the candidate, the Master Trader has to come up with a new candidate. Otherwise, the inauguration of the new Limani Trading Master will take place within a few months.
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