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Limani Supplies Dealer

Most of the trading done in Eshil goes through one of the many merchants that operates under the wing of the Limani Supplies Dealer. It is by far the largest organisation in all of Illtresi that is still independent from the country. While their main objective is selling, buying, and trading products, the Limani Dealers make it their mission to give back to the society that has allowed them to grow as big as they have.  
Come and join the Limani Supplies Dealer!

We have work for everyone of any skillset! Would you rather work with your hands instead of trading? We can certainly use a few extra hands at our child organisation; the shipyard, the vehicle factory, or at the breeding facility! Still nothing there for you? We will make it our mission to provide you with a job that suits your needs.

Come and have a chat with us at our headquarters to see what we have to offer!
— An advertisement at the Limani Townsboard

From Pact to Enterprise

In the olden days, before the Kingdom of Illtresi had fully established itself in the region, Limani was a small fishing village with a tight and helpful community. To obtain other products, like eggs and meat, two merchants travelled through the region to find other villages so they could trade wares. After a few trades, they setup a trade contract that specified the first exchange rates for the produce. More villages further inland heard about the trading contracts that the Limani merchants were handing out and they wanted to chime in on the deal too. Within a matter of years, the trading contracts between villages and Limani grew exponentially. In order to keep up with the trading demand, the villagers built ships and carriages so they could trade larger numbers of goods. A few merchants noticed that villages also wanted to trade with each other, but did not have the means to transport large numbers. They offered to facilitate the trade in exchange for a fee so they could maintain the transportation equipment.  

Expanding Business, Increasing Employment Opportunities

The merchants from Limani knew they had found a business with great potential and took the lead in maintaining the trading contract. With that, the Limani Supplies Dealer came to life. The company facilitated trades between villages and kept a fair exchange rate for the several products that come to market. Aside from the trades themselves, they generated a stable income with renting their ships and carriages. To conintue building and maintaining their means of transportation, they setup three new coorporations that continues to provide the services regarding the transportation: the Limani Supplier Shipyard for the ships, the Limani Supplier Vehicles for the carriages, and Limani Supplier Breeding Facility for providing the animals that pull the carriages. With these extra companies, they have created a rich employment environment for the villagers and the new people who flocked to the thriving town.   As the business continued to grow, the range of products and participating villages also increased. The most notable change was the value of products that were traded. In the olden days, it was just food and produce. However, as the empire grew, more expensive items came into the market. A few times, one of the carriages carrying an expensive item got robbed on the road. After the third time, the Limani Supplies Dealers asked a handful people from the towns militia to travel along with the trade to protect the wares and the people, of course against good pay. Bringing along a squat of bodyguards drastically decreased the number of successful robberies. To keep the town fully protected, the Limani Supplier Security Services came to life and dedicated itself to training young men into formidable security guards so they would not have to borrow the towns militia any longer.  

Befriending a Kingdom

The Kingdom of Illtresi have tried to make the Limani Supplies Dealers and their children companies part of the kingdom itself but to no avail. The Limani Dealers have made it clear that the want to stay independent as trade transcends the boundaries of countries in their opinion. After many back and forth conversations, the two parties came to an agreement. The company could stay independent, but they would have to pledge their allegiance to the kingdom in times of war. Their vehicles and ships ought not to be used by the enemies for the war, only for the trade. Furthermore, they have to help maintain the roads and rivers that they use frequently for the transportation of goods instead. It aliviates the company from paying taxes and allows them to contribute to the thing that they use the most.   With the newfound allegiance, the Limani Dealers gained a free pass to setup new locations for their business throughout the country. Nowadays, there are multiple offices, trading outposts, and warehouses scattered all through Eshil.  
Trading Outpost
The office is the central building for a part of the region that keep all the exchange rates of the products that circulate in the market of that specific subregion. Furthermore, large trading transactions, whether in quantity or in value, must be administered through an office before the trade can take place. An office has a direct line of communication to the headquarters to request all the assets required for the trade. They also provide HQ with a weekly report on all the sales, trades, and services provided.
Trading outposts can be found more frequently and in smaller cities and villages throughout the country. They often include a Phoenixery for all the WafflePhoenixes and heaps of Limani Supplies Dealer Messages owned by the company to ensure that there is always a ways for community to notify the Limani Dealers of anything they want to sell or buy. If there is no office nearby, they can send their requests for more valuable trades directly to the nearest office.
The warehouse is where the Limani Dealers store their left over stock that they intend to sell later. Wandering merchants can request a space in the warehouse to store their goods until they have found the right purchaser for their items. There are multiple warehouses scattered through Eshil, but their location is not public knowledge. The only one that everyone knows about is the one in Limani itself.
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Our Dragons Protect Your Wares

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The Limani Dealers
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Limani Supplies Merchant
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The Limani Supplies Dealers provide many services to their clients for a fee. While it is primarily a trading guild, they have many assets that they put to use to generate more income and to create even more job opportunities for the locals.  

Trading Services

We're looking for Merchants!

Are you someone who likes to talk shop with clients and maintain relations with our customer? Do you know a thing or two about trading, or would you like to learn about the craft? Come and join the Limani Supplies Dealers!

We're looking for enthusiastic people, young and old, to further expand our number of merchants. There are many things you can do as a merchant in our company, not only trading! Once you are more experienced, you can take on assignments from our clients to help them sell their products.

What do we offer you?
  • Great pay, of course! You'll receive a commission on every successful trade and bonus commissions when you bring new people to the company, whether they will work for us or become a client or partner.
  • No experience in trading yet? Not a problem! We'll teach you the ropes and assign you a mentor to help you along the way. Together, you'll make your first sales and learn everything there is to learn from the experts themselves!
  • A fantastic team of enthusiastic merchants! You can travel to all corners of the world together. That's part of the job after all. You'll definitely make new friends in and outside of the company. Every year, we also organise a large company feast with so much food, you don't need to eat for another week!
Curious? Come and visit the headquarters for more information or to apply!
As masters of their craft, the Limani Supplies Merchants offer their knowledge and expertise as a service to other people. The length and depth of the assignment depends on the needs of the client or customer. This service ranges from giving advice on what is best to do with the wares to full on covering the trade of the products.

For simple, often one off assignments, the merchants work based on a commission fee for every trade they do. If they have to provide a consult, they discuss a fair rate with the client. Sometimes this ranges from a few coins, to a large sum. The payment mostly depends on the amount of data presented and the depth of the advice that the client wants. In larger cases, the merchants discuss a payment rate by the hour and keep track of the time they spend on the assignment. It is mostly the rich with a single thing to sell or wanting advice on purchasing or selling properties that inquire about this service.

For the longer assignments, the merchants most often use full contracts dictating the services they will provide and the costs. These contracts also include an extra clause for overtime, availability, and the merchants assigned to the job. Farmers who want to sell their harvest on a market, but cannot affort to leave the farm or have the means to transport their produce, are the target audience for this service. Another group are manufacturers of products who want to conduct the sales of their products through the Limani Dealers. The enormous trading network is a goldmine for potential customers which makes the fee worth it. Some manufacturers or solo workshop owners employ the service to find the best purchaser for their end product.

Transport Services

Where there is trade, there is transportation and therefore the transportation service and the trading service provided by the Limani Supplies Dealers often go hand in hand. Sometimes, the merchants offer both services as a package deal. The company has a large fleet of ships and vehicles that continuously travel through the region to deliver goods for their trades, so they might as well take someone else's trade and deliver it at their doorstep if they ride past. Still, transporting large amounts of product requires a crew bring it all to its destination safely.

However, the transport services are not exclusive to the trading business. Private individuals lean upon the service to deliver packages and messages to friends and family in other villages. Smaller packages and messages are delivered using a WafflePhoenix, sometimes with a Limani Supplies Dealer Messages attached to it. When they believe the value of their package is high, they can make use of the Limani Supplier Security Services to ensure the safety of the transport throughout its journey.

Another target audience for the transport services are the people themselves. Many want to travel to other cities or villages to visit their relatives or acquaintances, or simply to explore the region. Many merchants also have to travel, and that's where the transport service comes into play. For a small fee, which depends on the method of transportation, one can ride along with a merchant to their desired destination or close to it. After seeing the success of this concept, the Limani Supplier Shipyard built a few ferries that allows large groups of people and merchants alike to travel to the large port cities. The Limani Supplier Vehicles built grand carriages to transport people over land to the big cities stopping at villages that they happen to pass through.
We're looking for Couriers, Chauffeurs, and Ferry Captains!

Would you like to travel the world while delivering trading goods to our customers? Or are you a social animal who loves to chat with other people while transporting them to their destinations? Come and join the Limani Supplies Dealer!

We're looking for enthusiastic people, young and old, to further expand our transportation division. As a courier, you bring our trading wares to various warehouses and customers. As a chauffeur or captain, you make sure that people arrive safely at their destinations. No experience in any of these fields? Fear not, we'll make sure you receive all the training you need to get on the road.

What do we offer you?
  • Great pay, of course! You will get a base pay that you will receive for every trip you make. On top of that, you will receive compensation for the distance you have to travel and the number of days you are away for work.
  • No experience yet? We have extensive training in all the fields, so you can do what you like most while doing so safely. We'll assign you a senior to show you the ropes of the work and give you further training in the field that you would like to work in.
  • A fantastic team of enthusiastic merchants! You can travel to all corners of the world together. That's part of the job after all. You'll definitely make new friends in and outside of the company. Every year, we also organise a large company feast with so much food, you don't need to eat for another week!
Curious? Come and visit the headquarters for more information or to apply!

Warehouse Services

We're looking for Warehouse Workers!

Are you an organised person and do you like keeping track of items? Or are you more of a sturdy and strong person who likes to prepare and load the carriages and ferries with trading goods? Come and join the Limani Supplies Dealer!

We're looking for enthusiastic people, yound and old, that can help us improve the workflow at our warehouses. As a warehouse worker, there are a number of tasks that you can perform! We need people to organise our wares and keep track of the trading stock that we have, to ensure that the privately held storage spaces are clean and checked to ensure no items go missing, or to prepare and load up trading goods in our various means of transportation. There is something for everyone!

What do we offer you?
  • Great pay, of course! You will get a base pay for every day you work at our facilities. Any extra hours that you have to work, which sometimes happens when loading or unloading trading wares, will be generously compensated. Furthermore, you'll get your own place to stay during the workweeks with food and beverages all included to make your stay away from home as comfortable as possible.
  • No experience yet but with a drive to through throughout the company? Say no more, we have extensive training programs to help you climb to the position of your preference. We'll assign you a senior that will show you the ropes of the work and, if need be, replace them with a mentor for when you're shooting for the higher positions.
  • A fantastic team of enthusiastic people! You will meet many merchants, customers, and colleagues in other positions to broaden your horizons. You'll definitely make new friends in and outside of the company. Every year, we also organise a large company feast with so much food, you don't need to eat for another week!
Curious? Come and visit the headquarters for more information or to apply!
The Limani Dealers trade with a great many items that they do not always sell the same day. They have large warehouses to store their stock and keep track of it. The Wandering Merchants of the Limani Supplies Dealers have a storage space in the warehouse closest to them for free, since they work for the comany. The merchants, wandering or not, often store their wares to wait for a better market value. Sometimes they temporarily store a trading item for a buyer that has already purchased it. The reason could be that the merchant hasn't had time yet to send out the item with a courier, or that they have to wait for a security squat to arrive to travel in a convoy.

As prepared as they are, the Limani Supplies Dealer warehouses are enormous which often leaves them with much empty space. In an attempt to not let it go to waste, they rent storage space in their warehouses to private individuals. Depending on the size and duration, the merchants set up a contract with a corresponding fee. Most often, people rent small spaces to store their valuables. However, some of the richer people use it as a storage compartment for a large portion of their property or to as a central place for their trading wares. The latter is especially useful, as it gives the merchants that are under their contract direct access to it to perform their assignments.

One of the most prominent features of the warehouses that makes them a very popular service is their immaculate protection. The warehouse in Limani is the only publicly known warehouse and still its exact location is a well kept secret. The location of all the other warehouses are strictly on a need-to-know-basis. Therefore, only the people working at a warehouse and the ones having a storage space there know where the entrance is. If the hidden location doesn't already scream security, the Limani Supplies Dealers wanted to make absolutely sure that the chance of goods getting stolen is at a minimum. Security Specialists provided by the Limani Supplier Security Services are present at each facility at all times to ensure only authorised people gain access to the store spaces. There is speculation that other defense systems are also in place, but no one has dared to verify that information yet.

Sniffer Services

The real reason behind the immense success of the Limani Supplies Dealers doesn't lie with their merchants. It is the Sniffers that have provided the merchants with the information to make incredible trades. Sniffers are the people that go out into the markets to find good deals before anyone else has seen them and tip off the company to make the purchase. They are the real brains behind the operation. Only people very close to the Limani Supplies Dealers are aware of the existence of the sniffers and sometimes employ their services for themselves. They use them to find very specific items that are hard to find, or to be notified of certain objects coming into market soon.

Sniffers will never do the purchase themselves for their employers or even for the company. The most they will do is secure the price and tell the seller that someone else will come to their establishment to complete the trade. The primary reason for this behaviour is to avoid giving away that they work for the Limani Supplies Dealer. Once the seller is aware that they work for the company, they instantly increase their selling prices and that is precisely what they are trying to avoid.

Most sniffers are very shy, but intelligent people. They have a keen knowledge on what is going on in the market at all times and therefore are like a walking catalogue. They know the value of products and can accurately predict how much profit they can make from a trade with a certain product. The Limani Supplies Dealers are always on the lookout for more sniffers, but they do not openly search for them.
Company Notice: New Openings for the Sniffer Program

We have once again a few opening for the sniffer program. With our company and influence radius growing, we're looking for more people to get us in on interesting deals.

Sniffers are the heart and soul of the Limani Supplies Dealer. Do you think you have what it takes?

We ask for applicants to have at least some experience as a merchant. You do not need to know the ins and outs of the field, because most of that knowledge will be replaced as a sniffer.

What will we offer you?
  • Excellent pay, of course! You will be away a lot for work, so we will generously compensate you for the time you have to spend away from home and family. You will have access to your own WafflePhoenix courtesy of us, so you have a safe means of communication.
  • An extensive training program that will push your boundaries and transform you in an excellent covert merchant. We will assign you a sniffer mentor with whom you will spend a lot of time perfecting this fine art.
Curious? Contact the Sniffer department with your application!
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