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Limani Supplies Merchant

The Limani Supplies Merchant is the core profession on which the Limani Supplies Dealers run. They travel the region searching for interesting wares to trade against a favourable price with the goal of maximising profit. Becoming a Merchant is the most entry level position one can obtain within the company. From there, there are many paths to walk in order to get higher up in the organisation or fill in a different position, such as the Wandering Merchant.  
Notice for Phershibe Krildric

A new load of corn from Leonas has been registered. It is roughly 20 bushels worth of whole ear corn. Contact your trading partners and see how much they're willing to give per bushel. Production cost is roughly 2gp/bushel, transportation will vary but that is something you can discuss seperately. We expect at least 4gp/bushel excluding transportation. Everything extra is for you.

Good luck!

Thuvus Steelfeet

Helping Hand

The level of independence depends much on the experience and performance of each merchant, and therefore dictates what they are allowed to do. Those more independant get to do their own trades, search for wares themselves they want to trade, and look for potential clients. Those newer to the craft are in a more set regime of tasks they get to perform. They cannot do so without permission from their senior. While it might seem harsh, especially in the beginning, most merchants are grateful for this approach since it doesn't only protect the company but also themselves.   The Limani Supplies Dealers assign a mentor to every young trader entering their company. Most often, this is a senior merchant who has been in the business for at least 10 years. They teach their pupils how the economy works in Eshil and what they should always keep in mind while looking for products to trade or when closing a trade. This is usually the first stage; the young traders learn from their mentor and watch along as their mentor does the trades so they can see the teachings in practise. As they start to grasp the concepts, they begin making their first trades together with their mentor.   As they young merchants gain more knowledge and experience, they learn more of the craft from their mentor while also putting it into practise. The second step is usually what to look for in products and how they can use the in-house catalogue to determine what a good price might be. The longer they stay with the Limani Supplies Dealer, the more secrets they get to learn about what it means to be a merchant. Eventually, they will gain the independence to go out on their own. Still, even as an self-sufficient merchant, they will often seek out the opinion of their former mentors if they are unsure about a deal. The bond between mentors and their pupils can get very strong and even personal, giving them a helping hand whenever they need it most.
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