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Soaring through the skies with wings as wide as a small tree, the phoenix is one majestic beast. To some, they embody the very definition of myths and legends as encountering this magical beast is very rare. Still, if one should want to see one for themselves, they should keep their eyes open in all environments for the phoenix comes in many varieties.  
Dad! Dad! Is that Oku?
— A young boy eagerly points at a large firery red bird with flames still coming from its wings.

Old Creature

The phoenix is one of the oldest creatures known to man. Some believe that they date back from a time when dragons still roamed the land. Others claim that they are simply a miracle given by the gods who created life on the planet.   One thing that they can all agree upon, is that these birds grow incredibly old. A cycle of life and death grants them the way to live eternally. After every cycle of life, the phoenix dies peacefully to be born anew. The process of dying and reincarnating varies from subspecie to subspecie, but they all revolve around their primary element and environment.   Various institutions try to research the phoenix to learn more about these magical beings. At the moment, they try to determine if the wisdom gathered from one lifetime will be carried over to the next lifetime during the reincarnation. This is one of the many burning questions that institutions like Morach are attempting to figure out.  
The First Phoenix

I have been searching for a long time, and I think I have finally made a breakthrough. Granted, it required me to sacrifice one of these magical birds, but it is all in the interest of science. I've studied the bones, the flesh, the blood. It seems like the phoenix is actually a decendant of the dragons. Or rather, a fabrication of the dragons.

The most central bone of the bird, the sternum, seems to be of a different material than the rest of the bones. It is the only bone that closely resembles the dragonbone I studied before. They have the same density, are made of the same chemical and biological compounds. Could it be, that the dragons sacrified something of themselves to create these birds? To give them eternal life?

I still have to figure out how this bone ties in to everything, and how it can be that new phoenixes still come to this world. There are no dragons anymore to create them, as far as I am aware.
— An Unknown Researcher
Table of Contents
The Original Phoenix by Theiket using MidJourney
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Average Height
50 - 70cm (19.6" - 27.5")
Average Weight
35 - 50kg (77 - 110lbs)
Average Length
1.5 - 2.5m (4'11" - 8'2")
They understand all, but do not speak.


Killing a pure and magical creature always has its consequences since people regard it as a highly unethical deed to perform. Sometimes the being imposes it upon its killer, and sometimes it is an entire ethnicity. As for the phoenix, it works both ways. There are a few ethnicities that find act incredibly horrifying and have made it punishable by death. However, there are also rumours that one who kills a phoenix becomes cursed. What this curse entails is still unknown as most people do not dare kill one. Those who do, do not come forward willingly to admit their grave mistake.


The original phoenix still roams the world. Some people have seen it. Often, they describe it as a very large bird. Its feathers are colourful ranging from a bright scarlet all the way to the deepest indigo. The tail feathers are extremely long, making up most of the length of the entire bird. Around the neck, the original phoenix has a necklace of sorts with round, puffed up feathers. The colour scheme of these feather represent the different types of phoenixes that are alive. Each subsequent phoenix derives its colours from the environment they live in. Furthermore, they take on the characteristics of their living space to a certain extend.
Did you know that phoenix tail feathers are a much wanted item? Artisans use them in their products or to enchant weaponry and armour.
FlamePhoenix by Theiket using MidJourney
The FlamePhoenix resides in the deepest pits of the world or in the craters of (active) volcanoes where it has access to magma. The heat of the environment helps keeping the feathers aflame as it soars through the obsidian and basalt stained caves.   When it is time to reincarnate, the FlamePhoenix prefers to go to the magma where it dives into the scorching hot liquid. The flow of the molten river will wash its ashes ashore. From these ashes, a young FlamePhoenix will rise to greet the world once again. If, however, there is no magma nearby, the bird will burst into a ball of flames leaving behind a similar pile of ash.   Because this phoenix lives in a unique environment that most people will not travel to by themselves, they are one of the rarest phoenixes to come across. However, if one dares venture into the dangerous places where they live, the FlamePhoenix becomes the easiest to please into becoming a companion for life.
AzurePhoenix by Theiket using MidJourney
Flying through the oceans and lakes of the world, the AzurePhoenix feels most at home in the waters of Hesli. They protect life in the deepest corners of the sea and help pollenating the plants at the bottom of the world.   Not often is an AzurePhoenix seen flying above the water level. Only a few have seen one and they ended up dead within weeks. Soon after, people began to speculate and thus Mark of the Azure Bird came to life.   The reincarnation process of the AzurePhoenix is still unknown as it lives mostly under water. However, researchers believe that the reincarnation of an AzurePhoenix is characterised by a large whrilpool that temporarily sucks in water at an alarming rate. Moments later, the water is given back and an egg sinks to the bottom. It supposedly hatches once the chick has reached the teenage state where it can fend for itself. Until then, it receives the nutrients to grow from the surrounding water.
ForestPhoenix by Theiket using MidJourney
Where there are trees, there could be a ForestPhoenix. These birds live in all types of forests; large forests or lone trees, in the valley meadows or high above on the snowpeaked mountains. It is at home so much so, that its feathers resembles the leaves of its home.   This phoenix is the most commonly found, but also the hardest to befriend. They are the birds who immediately see the destruction caused by those who inhabit its territory. Therefore, one should not meddle with a forest that is home to a phoenix. They acknowledge that one must eat and therefore hunting animals for the sole purpose of survival is allowed. However, disturb the forest without good reason, without asking permission first, and the ForestPhoenix will reign down upon its intruder.   Once the phoenix becomes of age to leave the mortal plane for a short moment, it nestles itself at the moss-covered forest floor. It will dive into a deep sleep where it becomes one with the moss until it is completely covered. A few days later, a chick with bright green feathers walks out of the heap pecking at the first seeds for nutrients.
SilverPhoenix by Theiket using MidJourney
Circling high over the snowpeaked mountains or over the endless icy tundra, a shimmer of silver reflects against the bright sky. The SilverPhoenix feels at home among the cold temperatures and the large stretches of land. Its silver feathers allows for the phoenix to blend in perfectly with either the covering snow or clouds.   The SilverPhoenix is by far the smallest phoenix of the family, but also the fastest with the most endurance. This bird can fly for hours on end scanning the white expanse. When it is time to rest, the phoenix tries to find the nest of the smaller critters that inhabit its territory. Sometimes, it takes a dive in one of the ice lakes in search for a tasty snack. So far, it is unknown what the exact purpose of the SilverPhoenix entails.   Not many people have seen this bird, and therefore there is little known about its reincarnation. However, once in a while, an unexplainable phenomenon occurs in these cold regions. The Barions call it the Night of the Light. During this period, the sky lights up in all colours of the rainbow. It is the closest explanation to the reincarnation of the SilverPhoenix.
ShadowPhoenix by Theiket using MidJourney
Hidden from plain sight, the ShadowPhoenix most often resides in the caves and shadows of the world. Almost as black as the night with crackling flames sometimes peeking through the feathers is the sight of the bird that makes most people flee.   One other aspects that further puts fear in the hearts of man, is that this particular phoenix is drawn towards evil. Whenever corruption runs through the lands, whether that is in a building, a cave, or a person, a ShadowPhoenix shall descent upon it. Therefore, whenever someone spots this phoenix outside of caves, they immediately believe that the area has become corrupted. The ShadowPhoenix has become a symbol of evil.   There are a few accounts of the reincarnation of the ShadowPhoenix found in journals of great villains who keps the phoenix as a pet. One of them described it as follows.  
My dear ShadowPhoenix has reincarnated today and my, was it a sight to behold. There he stood on my Crystall Ball of Eryth, proud as ever. And out of nowhere, he was engulved in black magic! It was wonderous!
It was a shame that the process destroyed the Crystall Ball of Eryth and I am not happy with that. But at least, I've got my dear friend back to continue taking over the world.

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