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Phoenixery is Available for Everyone

After a long trial period of using WafflePhoenixes to send messages to their merchants on the road, the Limani Supplies Dealer decided to open up their Phoenixeries for the general public to use. For a small fee, everyone can send a wafflephoenix on a journey to friends and family to deliver letters and small parcels. They also announced that consumers can purchase wafflephoenixes for themselves which wasn't allowed before.  
Dear people of Limani,

We proudly announce the opening of our Phoenixeries! Feel free to go to the tower to send messages to friends, family, acquaintances, and whoever else you want to message. There is ink and paper at the tower and plenty of birds to send on their way to your receiver!

Of course, to keep the Phoenixeries operational, we ask you to pay a small fee. The majority of this fee goes to the Phoenix Keepers who will make sure that the towers remain clean and the birds well fed and rested. Only a very small percentage will go to the Supplies Dealers which we will use to build more Phoenixeries all over Eshil.

For those outside of the company who also want to own a wafflephoenix, this is your chance! By opening up our Phoenixeries, we also allow consumers such as you to buy your own bird to use to your hearts content. Be sure to purchase some of our messages with your wafflephoenix for added safety and deliciousness when they reach their milage! After all, nothing beats waffles with syrup.

We, at the Limani Supplies Dealer, hope you will have as much fun sending messages with our birds as we do! If you have any questions, ask your local Phoenix Keeper for more details. Until then, happy messaging!

- Your Friends at the Limani Supplies Dealer
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