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Limani Merchant Wagon

Often pulled by two Kuchs, Limani Supplies Merchants and Wandering Merchants haul their trading goods with this seemingly simple wagon all over Eshil. Manufactured at the Limani Supplier Vehicles, these trading vessels come in many configurations depending on the needs of the merchants. However, the size of these carriages deceives the eyes of many for they can carry many more products than seems possible.  
I just got my wagon for this long trip. It even has a sleeping compartment with everything I need! A bed, a small desk, a kitchenette, even a shower!
— A young merchant excited about their upcoming trip with their wagon


The first few wagons the factory produced were very simple: slap four wheels on a big basket, add a mechanism to hook a Kuch to the wagon and done. In the early days of the Limani Supplies Dealer, it was more than enough to transport the majority of the goods to the neighbouring villages of Limani. Over time, merchants complained about getting wet during the raining seasons, so they added an extra option with a roof to keep the wares and its courier dry. As the reach of the company expanded all the way to Matona, the trip couldn't be done in just one day. To accomodate the merchants, a new version of the wagon had a higher roof so they could stack the products more leaving extra room to build a small living quarters so they have a safe and dry space to sleep.   However, the reach of the trading guild did not stop there. As their expansion continued, the demand for wares increased massively and they had to supply that somehow. The company couldn't hire enough people to man all the wagons to all the different locations. The capacity of the wagons was limited to what would fit, not to what a Kuch or even an Ott could pull. So, the Limani Trading Master reached out to his contacts in Magi Heptagon to come up with a solution.   The mages delivered a brilliant solution; they enchanted the insides of the wagons to have unlimited space. This allowed the company to stuff their carriages to the brim and haul more products over one trading route with one wagon. To keep their animals healthy, each trading outpost has a large scale where they weigh the wagons so they wouldn't exceed the maximum weight that they can safely pull. This weight is determined by the breed pulling the wagon, the number of animals pulling, and they factor in the terrain changes on the route. Travelling over mountain trails is much harder and therefore the maximum weight for a carriage is less than for carriages travelling through the hilly meadows.
Table of Contents
5 - 7.5m (16.4 - 24.6ft)
Base: 1.65m (5'5")
Standard Roof: 2.35m (7'8")
High Roof: 2.75 - 3.45m (9'0" - 11'4")
500 - 1500kg (1100 - 3300lbs)

Issued By
Limani Supplies Dealer

Used By
Limani Supplies Merchant
Wandering Merchant

Pulled By

Carriage Weight Chart

1 Ott: 1000kg
2 Otts: 2500kg
  1 Kuch: 4000kg
2 Kuchs: 10000kg
Meadows: 100%
Small Hills: 90%
Small Mountains: 75%
Mountain Trails: 50%
Extreme: Go to Hell

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