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Welcome to Hanzelot

What is Hanzelot?

Hanzelot is a galaxy, the home of a billion stars and planetary systems. What is unique about this quirky galaxy is that only thirteen planets are inhabited by sapient (or at least they like to think about themselves in those terms) beings. How they came to exist and rule these planets? The experts are still debating that question. Most people only care about how to survive another day.

What is more intriguing about these planets that until The Anomaly appeared in their sky they thought they were alone in the universe. Soon they discovered their mistake and its consequences.
-Are you sure this is a proper welcome?
-At least they don't want to kill us...yet.
— Two space travellers in some forgotten planet

The galaxy is big.

The planets are a grain of dust.

How they will find each other in the endless sky?


How will we find our way back home?

We'll come back. Our glory remembered for all eternity
— Captain Visser

by Midjourney
Every planet faces different challenges and needs help, but a few encountered a miracle, an opportunity too tempting and too good to resist. Wormholes known as The Anomaly opened for unknown reasons to travel in a blink of an eye to another planet.

Dethion was one of the planets that clung to the hope to solve all their problems and the potential of a devastating war in finding another planet to exploit. A brave crew trained to beat (almost) all the odds. Fatan, a ship full of state-of-the-art technology, was built to be the home of this crew. The Otuzarur built another in case the first one exploded trying to cross The Anomaly.

Fatan did not explode and the crew survived. It's traveling around the galaxy, but they didn't return to their home planet on the assigned date. Generations passed and they didn't come back. The people gave them a new name: The Lost.

Other two planets, Deroth and Enis also sent spaceships with crew across The Anomaly, one of them had the same goal that Dethion the other didn't. None of those ships landed on their home planet ever again.

Fun, horror and beauty

-What in Soma's name is that?
— The same two lost travellers from the first quote

Isoxato by Unsplash edited by Julian ralid
The crew that parted from Dethion embarked on a journey they were truly unprepared for. What was a year on one strange planet suddenly became an adventure across the galaxy. On some planets, they were received like honoured guests, in others like spies or traitors, and on one unfortunate planet, like food. They accumulated knowledge in their travels, but mostly they realized they were part of a mystery beyond their comprehension
While they battled foes, made friends, and faced many dangers, they also needed to unravel big questions: Why they couldn't come back to Dethion? Why can't they control The Anomaly? Why every sapient species is exactly like them?

And the two most important questions: What will they do if they never come back to their planet? And if they do return?

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May 2, 2021 23:55 by Evan Arix

This is a fantastic welcoming article. I know you mentioned is a WIP, but it's looking great already. The humor in the reminds me a bit of Douglas Adams :3

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Douglas Adams!!! That's high praise :) I wouldn't be here and keep improving as a writer without your support and example. Thank you <3

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