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The Otuzarur

Between the years 5305 and 5320 Asnar and Pogron were at war over the ownership of the previously unclaimed Ikurun Island.


When the giants awake all the rules crumble.
This island, located in the north hemisphere of Dethion, is a 1.2 million kilometer wide mass of solid rock, a barren land with a mountain chain where the highest peak is 5620 meters above the sea.
  The Dethionits never tried to settle on this island due to its complete lack of fresh water, which rendered it barren of any life, either plant or animal.  
But in the year 5300 a new material was discovered thanks to a private expedition. Asnar and Pogron, two of the most powerful countries in the world, tried to claim the island and the exploitation of this material, nuate, for themselves. This caused a war that lasted 15 years, killed thousands of people and threatened to bring chaos not only for the countries at war but for everyone all around the world.
In the year 5320 a hope for peace kindled in the form of an astronomical discovery very close to their home world: a team of astronomers from Edrea declared that a black hole was found 40 million kilometers away and baptized it Segen. Edrea, the third most powerful country, who managed to remain neutral in the war used this discovery to negotiate a momentary truce. Asnar's arguments were that the black hole could function as a way to go to other areas of the galaxy, other planets and exploit their resources.
In 5320, after some further exploration of Segen, Pogron and Asnar signed the Treaty of Zippal. This treaty compelled them to maintain peace up until 5331. This is the year when the expedition through Segen would return to Dethion. The ratification of the treaty and the peace in the world depends upon the success of the mission.



Beyond the stars we will find our salvation.

Once the Treaty of Zippal was in place the three nations started diplomatic negotiations about the best approach to achieve their goal to colonize the planet in the other side of Segen and exploit their resources.
The first step was to rebuild and remodel the Space Center on Edrea. Asnar and Pogron reluctantly agreed that the operation focus should be in a neutral place and the city of Coloven where the old space center of Edrea is located was the obvious choice.
The next issue to solve would be the selection of a board of three Directors, one for each country, which would be in charge of the mission, the subordinates, the officers, the scientists, the engineers assigned to the construction of the spaceship, and the people in charge of selecting and training the crew.
This proved to be a difficult task and Edrea's leader had to threathen both Progron and Asnar in several occasions with revealing the secrets in the Treaty of Zippal to push matters forward, because they couldn't agree on anything for a long time. Finally, the names were appointed and the rebuild of the Space Center started. They agreed that the budget would be divided on three equal parts and every country would contribute their share.
The truth behind the lack of agreement between Asnar and Pogron was that these two countries were once the peak of innovation on space technology, but the war depleted the funds on their own space centers and now they were in a poor state, while Edrea recruited the best scientists and when they weren't building spaceships and launching missions, they were doing continuous theoretical research.





All beings are one.
This nation is considered as the most peaceful nation on Dethion. They haven't participated in a war for centuries and rely on in their diplomatic abilities and resources to trade and attract to their orbit another smaller and weaker countries. Their religion dictate that they should treat others with compassion and justice.
Of course, they have a belligerent past, but they were able to leave it behind, thanks to the strategic management of their plentiful natural resources. Edrea dominates the continent south of Dethion.



Power is the truth.

This is a strong and proud nation. War was their way to solve every problem for a long time, until they realized that they were on the path of self destruction, and maintained a peace based on their sheer strength. Their volatile and violent way to live, rooted in their religion, evolved and the nation managed to avoid engaging in a war for many centuries.Pogron dominates the west continent.
They were pressed to start a war on Asnar because they needed the resources on Ikurun to maintain their industries and lifestyle.



The mind provides for everyone.

This nation values efficiency and science-based knowledge above all. They believe that every action needs to produce results efficiently and for the benefit of everyone. This belief is the basis of their religion and the reason they are one most wealthy nations, and it is how they managed to influence the whole of eastern continent.
The war with Pogron was objected by many but the government decided that if the country won the war the nuate would be the solution for the problem with their industries and the rising poverty in some areas of their territories, so they went through with it.

Public Opinion

Together or destroyed.
When the news about Segen's discovery spread around Dethion most people on Edrea were surprised and curious, but among the two nations in war the discovery didn't have that much impact.

At the time that Edrea's intentions of using this discovery to negotiate peace between Pogron and Asnar were made public both neither of the societies deem possible to achieve peace.

The problem was that while the conflict was making their lives very difficult, not only for all the lives lost, the declining economy and impendig global crisis, but also because the mass media and governments had made a fantastic job to convince their people that winning the war and claim ownership of Ikurun Island and the nuate was the only solution for their problems. Ideas of hate and resentment against their enemies ran deep on both nations.

It wasn't easy to reform their views and see the other side as trusted allies. The media proved once again to be very useful to swing public opinion. It took years to achieve general approval towards The Otuzarur and their goals.

People from Edrea always wanted peace in their world and wanted to avoid at all costs to get involved in the war. When their government successfully led the negotiations they felt a sense of pride over their nation's diplomatic abilities.

In the case of people from Asnar the media appealed to their logic side. The main argument was that the benefit from forming an alliance with Pogron and Edrea to explore other planets outweighed the costs of continuing a war that was stagnant without a certain possibility of winning.

When the media in Pogron convinced their people to support peace talks the strategy centered around the need to recover their lifestyle without losing any more lives and they tried very hard to show their government as the stronger leader of The Otuzarur.

In the current year when the starship Fatan and their crew, with members from the three nations, launched and crossed Segen the whole world has high hopes in the mission and the solutions their success will bring. The delicate equilibrium achieved in the last ten years depends upon on their return.
Expedition, Colonization
Organization Vehicles

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