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Maya Andreou

Maya Andreou is one of the scientists aboard Fatan. The crew was named The Lost when they didn't return to Dethion. She was a sociology professor born and raised in Rogion, Pogron's capital city.

A loving family

-My heart, are you ready?
-Yes, dad!
-Excellent! Adventure waits for us!
— Maya Andreou and her father

Maya was born into a loving family. Her parents devoted their time, love and resources to give her the best life possible. Maya was an only child, and her parents enjoyed a good economic position, but her family always tried to avoid raising a spoiled, self-centred child.

She was an excellent student and had few but good friends at school. For the most part, she enjoyed staying at home with her books, movies and games, dreaming of adventures.

Despite having good grades, Maya often got bored in school because the lessons lacked creativity. When she finished the first basic cycle of education, the school awarded her a medal of honour for having the best grades of the year.

When Maya was 12 years old, her life changed tragically. To celebrate her birthday, her parents took her on a trip to a famous island. Since she was a little kid, Maya always asked to visit that beach with her family.

The family never made it to their destination. There was a shipwreck, and her parents died trying to protect her. Maya was rescued shortly after that. Her grandmother took care of her until she passed away when Maya was 20.

There are screams, flooded rooms, and people trampling over each other. Maya is clinging to her dad. Maya is no longer a child, but she can't stop crying. Her mother holds her hand. The last thing she remembers before darkness took over was her father's eyes full of tears and her mother's voice, whispering "Be good, my girl, be..." What else was she supposed to be?

Growing up at war

-They cry and scream, and the only thing I can do is hold their hand.
-That's a lot, Maya.
-It's not enough.
— Maya Andreou and a friend

After her 18th birthday, Maya left her grandmother's home for mandatory military service. Her service coincided with the last two years of the war against Asnar. Maya hated the war, the army and the training.

She wasn't a good soldier. Maya made so little effort their commanders never sent her to battle. But one of her tasks was to write the daily report of killed in battle, injured and lost in action. She also had to talk with the families. Maya hated the war even more. The war ended after The Anomaly appeared.
by UX Gun

Because of her passion for knowledge, curiosity and experience in the military, Maya decided to study sociology and power dynamics through Dethion's story. Her goal was to decode why her people always resorted to destroying each other.

After she graduated, Maya led many projects about history, politics and sociology. She always voiced her desire to avoid future wars. Thanks to her studies, Maya was offered a position as a professor at her university in Rogion. The youngest in her field of study.

When The Otuzarur started to search for scientists for the mission to save the planet from another war, Maya didn't hesitate to sign up. She thought that was her chance to use all her skills for the greater good. Also, she craved adventure and a sense of belonging she couldn't find anywhere.

It didn't make sense. But the army seldom made sense for her. Maya'd said to her superior that she was far too young to be a counsellor for grieving families. But when the alternative was taking a weapon, Maya accepted the position. The mother in front of her shows her a picture of her dead son, killed in combat. Maya listens to the woman and cries with her. Maya wished for the day of a world with no wars.

Facing the unknown

-Andreou! Are you ready for this adventure?
-Yes, this time, I'm ready.
-This time? What do you mean?
-It's a long story.
-I enjoy long stories.
— Maya Andreou and Amir Maguer

After a long process, Maya was accepted as a crew member of Fatan, the spaceship that would take them beyond The Anomaly and back. She committed to the training, honoured to be chosen for this important mission. Maya was convinced this was the best way to fulfil her mother's wish. "Be good" she'd said, and Maya wanted to make her proud.

The night before they departed, Maya shared a last dinner with her remaining family: a cousin, his wife and her daughter. She said goodbye and promised them to come back in a year with a lot of cool stories for her niece.

Maya left Dethion and never saw her family again. She broke her promise to the people she loved most in the world. They waited every day for her until their last day.

Her little Nova is crying as she clings to her dear aunt. Her parents barely hold their tears. Her cousin jokes their grandmother would never let her leave. Maya assures her niece she will be back. Nova dries her tears with the sleeves of her purple and pink dress, the one she gifted her, and says "Be safe, aunty, be.." until she starts sobbing again. Her mother picks her up. Maya leaves their house for the last time.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Year of Birth
5300 30 Years old
Other Affiliations
Welcome to Hanzelot
Generic article | Apr 20, 2023

A not-Guide to the Galaxy

Maya can see patterns everywhere, in particular, if it involves power dynamics. She can see the game and understand the rules, but she doesn't enjoy being a player.

The Anomaly
Geographic Location | May 4, 2023

It spreads trouble across Hanzelot.

Pogron's history is one of her obsessions. Maya is very much aware of her country's cruel past. She've seen the injustice and suffering around her, despite her privileged upbringing, and she wants to change that inequality.

The Otuzarur
Organization | Jun 29, 2021

Maya never learned to swim until she applied to be part of the mission to save her planet. She faced her fears like her parents would have wanted. But she didn't enjoy it.

Settlement | Aug 24, 2022

Capital of Pogron. Centre of the world.

When Maya is anxious, she remembers her favourite lines and quotes from her beloved fictional characters. She did the same when she was a child and never managed to leave that coping mechanism. It's one of her secrets.


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