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The Anomaly

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A bright wound in the dark sky

Our gods returned to their home. The night is on fire after they departed.
— Old Tale from Vina.

by Midjourney modified by Julian Ralid
No intelligent being in the galaxy knows the truth about this strange phenomenon. There is one agreement: The Anomaly shouldn't exist. It's impossible. Every intelligent species have attempted to explain its existence through myths and scientific research. They even made disastrous attempts to replicate it, and there had also been explorations. They still have few answers.

The Anomaly was cataloged by several scientists as a wormhole because they don't have a better explanation. Only three planets were capable of studying it in depth: Dethion, Enis, and Deroth. The scientist on these planets built spaceships strong enough to travel through The Anomaly with big crews and survived the crossing. They are not closer to understanding its nature than the civilizations that created myths and tales to give it meaning.

The Anomaly has no apparent logic for when or where it appears. Sometimes it breaks the sky close enough to the planet to be seen without telescopes, which had caused chaos and fear in some societies. When it was clear that there was no immediate danger, people shifted to worshipping it or scientific exploration.

Of the thirteen planets inhabited by intelligent species in the whole galaxy, most of them have seen it at least once for a brief moment. Those unfortunate enough to have endured its presence for years are the ones that had the means to venture through it. The first incursion was successful, they came back to their original planet in the expected time. The same amount of time passed for the crew and their planet. This didn't mean they mastered space and time travel. That was just another trick of The Anomaly.

How it feels to cross The Anomaly? The memories are confusing. Even after telling this story many times, words fail me. Nothingness invaded me. I ceased to exist. I was everything.

My mind and my body were light floating in the void. I forgot who I was. When it was over, it was hard to recuperate. We only have to do it twice. It won't be that bad.

Whim or intention?

-This is not Dethion, Captain.
-I don't understand. The first time... We came back.
-I was there Captain. But we are very far away from home.
— Book 1 "There is no Destiny?"

The records about The Anomaly's appearances show it stays for years in planets where the civilizations have the technology to leave the surface and make ships able to endure the journey through it. Sometimes even decades pass, the people grow accustomed to its presence because in this cases they can't see it with the naked eye.

The Anomaly presents in all its glory over the planets where civilizations don't have the means to explore it. These are mostly very brief apparitions of a few hours or even minutes. The spaceship Fatan from Dethion arrived and left strange planets thanks to these appearances.
by Midjourney modified by Julian Ralid

After all, they went through, Fatan's crew is almost certain The Anomaly is not a random phenomenon. There must be someone out there using it and them for a purpose. But why? And who is behind The Anomaly?

We must keep trying. Until we come back or found a new home.
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by Midjourney modified by Julian Ralid

The galaxy is big.

The planets are a grain of dust.

How they will find each other in the endless sky?

Welcome to Hanzelot
Generic article | Apr 20, 2023

A not-Guide to the Galaxy

Spaceship built on the planet Dethion.

Home of The Lost.

Fatan is the spaceship the people on Dethion built to travel across The Anomaly and colonize another planet.

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-If we cross The Anomaly one more time and Dethion is not there...
-We both know it won't.
-Yes, well, let's hope there are no giant insects or mind controlling cults.
— Fatan's crew


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