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Jakkooi Mali An

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The agent Jakkooi Mali An has been designated as a supervisor for the planet Dethion. This decision was taken for two main reasons:

The first one is because of his long trajectory as an explorer of new worlds. In all the centuries he had served his species, Jakkooi Mali An has never failed to make the best recommendation to the Central Council regarding the suitability of unknown planets to host our people.

But this wasn't the main reason we've decided to send him to Dethion.
by Midjourney modified by Julian Ralid
Agent Mali An volunteered to participate in the mission to explore and report on one of the planets inhabited by seemingly intelligent beings or vestiges of life.

It was made public that Mali An is one of the designated guardians of a young ones part of the group that put in motion clandestine portals and populated a faraway galaxy with a long-extinct species.

Agent Mali An argued that it was his responsibility to fix what his ward did and set an example for them of how Igavatas should act.


  • Outstanding at gathering information and making useful recommendations.

  • Commited to our core belief and our survival.

  • On occasion, he has argued with their colleagues and superiors if his recommendations were not taken seriously. This had earned him a reputation for stubbornness, but it never escalated to be considered a problem.
by Midjourney


Jakkooi Mali An's mission is to orbit Dethion in a cloaked ship and remain undetected by the species living on the planet.

While he stays there, the agent must collect information to determine if the intelligent beings could be allowed to remain there or should be destroyed.

The agent is not authorized to make contact with the beings on the planet. He is only allowed to land if his life is in danger.

Ship's log

Day 1
The reports indicate that the crew and their ship returned two days.While most of the population didn't expect them, a large clandestine group always waited for them. Even after centuries. Their lives are so short, and yet they kept their hope alive. I don't understand them.

If I want to honour my duties as a supervisor and set an example for my child, I must understand this strange species. Aeons had passed since the last incident. And yet, our young ones repeated our biggest mistake. The answer I need to get here, from them will bring light to our flaws.
by Midjourney modified by Julian Ralid
Day 2
Reports indicate that the crew has been separated into three different locations. I adjusted the devices to collect data from these additional places. For a new civilization is impressive how much information they produce.

I noticed we don't have enough information on why they decided to cross the portal when it was presented to them. If I don't know their past motivations it would be impossible to understand their present goals. My next step is going to be to investigate their recent history.


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