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Amir Maguer

Amir Maguer is one of the scientists aboard Fatan. The crew was named The Lost when they didn't return to Dethion. He was a famous linguist born and raised in Rogion, Pogron's capital.

A smart kid

-Amir, listen to me.
-I am listening.
-No, you are distracted all the time.
— Amir and his father

by Anne Nygård

Amir Maguer was an only child. His parents belonged to a relatively privileged class of Pogron and spent most of his life in the city of Rogion.

Since his childhood, he was very observant, analytical and curious. If he was interested in a subject he would research it thoroughly until he became an expert. Despite his intelligence and curiosity, he did not always have good grades, simply because being an exemplary student did not interest him. His hobbies were reading, watching movies, and drawing his favourite characters.
Amir often lost himself in his own mind. While he has some friends he wasn't popular in school, but he didn't mind. One day, he got interested in learning languages. and that decision changed his life's trajectory. Amir became obsessed, he saw the study of learning languages as puzzles to be solved.

Her mother always encouraged Amir and treated him with love. His father, on the other side, was always distant and cold with him. The man often showed his disappointment in Amir and accused him of wasting time on silly things instead of being the best at school or taking interest in the family's business.

Amir surrounded himself with books, digital devices, paper, and pens. He is so focused on his work that he hasn't noticed the sun is rising, and soon he'll need to go to school. He didn't sleep because cracking this asnarian was much more enticing than sleeping. He is startled out of his trance by his father's voice. Amir doesn't look up, but he knows his father is angry with him, again.


-Let me go, please.
-Maguer, you are not the first soldier with a sick mother.
— Amir and his captain

Like any other pogronite, Amir was sent to military service between the ages of 18 and 20, before the end of the war against Asnar. His time in the army was mostly a nuisance to him. Amir despised his superiors because he did not support the war, but it came as a surprise when he showed skill at maintaining and repairing weapons.

So he was charged with that. While he was not sent to battle himself, he was aware that every weapon that passed through his hands was meant to kill, and guilt consumed him.

His hatred for the army, and his country only grew, when his mother suddenly got terminally ill, and he was far away from Rogion, and his superiors denied him leave to say goodbye to his mother.
by Alexander Jawfox

Some months later after his mother died, Amir finally got back home. His dad blamed him for his mother's illness, and for not being there for her when she needed him. Amir tried to reason with his father but failed. His father threw him out of the house, and they never saw each other again.

Amir walks away with a few of their belongings, whatever his father allowed him to take from the house that once was his. It's not much but he doesn't care. Amir took a few mementoes from his late mother: a ring, a comb and a little box she adored. Amir is not crying. He walks the streets of his city like he's not an orphan like his life wasn't destroyed. His footsteps are measured, but heavy.

One chance to be a hero

-Now it's your turn to tell me a long story.
-I guess it's only fair.
— Amir Maguer and Maya Andreou

Amir struggled for a time until he got a job and a place to live. The Army had offered financial support, but he refused to accept their help.

One of the things that kept Amir hopeful for the future was The Anomaly. One of the reasons was that thanks to that stunning appearance in Dethion's sky Pogron and Asnar negotiated a truce. The other was Amir's curiosity and desire to have a part in solving the mystery presented by that strange phenomenon.

Amir studied at Rogion University to become an expert in both modern and ancient languages and travelled around the world to learn more about those languages and their cultures. Thanks to those travels and the accumulated knowledge he developed a translation device that decoded any language only by the voice that worked perfectly regardless of the accent of the people talking. Thanks to that device, people could understand each other in real time even if they only knew their mother tongue.

The next step of this project was to commission other linguists to create new languages. Amir tested his translation device without any previous input, just his knowledge of languages. The tests were very successful. This method and the device he developed to execute it won him international fame and his place on the Fatan ship.

Amir had his doubts about joining the crew because while he craved the adventure and the chance to do something for his planet and secure the peace between nations, he also remembered how Pogron's army had used him and was the reason he couldn't say goodbye to his mother.

Ultimately he decided to give it a chance and joined the mission. In his training, he met Yia a woman, a scientist working on the mission but who wouldn't be part of the crew crossing The anomaly. They got along very fast and soon they fell in love.

Amir was reluctant to leave Yia behind, after all this was the first time he was in a loving relationship, and he was scared to lose it. Yia assured him that after his return they would have all the time in the universe to be happy together.

Amir didn't return on time. Yia devoted her life to his beloved memory.

Amir holds Yia close and kisses her one last time. He has been called to board Fatan. She is going to the mission control room. Amir is not worried about the launch, his clever girlfriend worked tirelessly to make sure everything is safe for the crew. None of them is crying or sad. They are happy for each other's place in this historic event. In one year they are going to have so many stories to share.
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Year of Birth
5300 30 Years old
Other Affiliations
Welcome to Hanzelot
Generic article | Apr 20, 2023

A not-Guide to the Galaxy

When Amir was a teenager, he created his first language. It was more like a code with colours to express his feeling and frustrations without the fear of his father finding out about it. His secret language came back to him in unexpected ways, during his journey across the galaxy.

Settlement | Aug 24, 2022

Capital of Pogron. Centre of the world.

Amir's developed a strong sense of justice and is worried for the state of his planet. His privileged social position does not prevent him from being aware of the existing inequalities. Although he believes that he can contribute to bringing about a change, and that's why he joined the mission, at the slightest setback his pessimism brings out the worst in him.

The Otuzarur
Organization | Jun 29, 2021

If you want my trust, you need to prove yourself trustworthy. How? That's up to you.

Amir Maguer

Maya Andreou
Character | Sep 17, 2023

Expert in politics and history.

I'm a simple man. Why are you laughing? Stop! You are lucky we are friends.

Amir Maguer at Maya Andreou


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