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Johan Morto


-You are going to make me proud.
-Because I say so.
— Johan and his father

by Midjourney
Johan is Ivar's youngest child. He was a surprise for the family. His older sister was already shining as a soldier in the army when he was a toddler. At first, Ivar tried the same method that had worked so successfully with Mia, his golden child. Johan had other plans. Even from a young age, his father was convinced that Johan's only purpose in life was to be a nuisance, a problem for his family.

Despite his rebellious spirit, Johan always was brilliant and had a thirst for knowledge that rivalled his sister's, but his main interest was history. He studied not only Pogron's story but also other nations: allies, enemies and long forgotten. At some point, Johan got obsessed with everything related to The Anomaly, The Otuzarur and The Lost. He learned about their lives, and the theories surrounding their disappearance, and finally he discovered the Followers of the return.

Johan is alone in his bedroom looking at the shiny bright pictures in a book he found in the house's library. He doesn't know how to read yet, but he will learn soon. He has decided that if no one will read to him before bed, he will do it himself.

Someone slams the door open, and Johan clutches the book close to his chest, to protect it. His father stomps to him and snatches the book from his hands. His father is tall and big. Ivar feels very small and very angry. He gets up and screams at the top of his lungs. His father leaves him alone once again. Ivar doesn't cry. He is a big boy.

The escape

-This is your last chance to make me proud.
-Stop asking that!
— Johan and his father

The strained relationship between Johan and his family disintegrated even further after he was expelled from the fifth school when he was fourteen years old. His father decided to send it to the army, despite his being far below the minimum age to be accepted. No one in his family defended Johan or tried to persuade Ivar of his decision.

Ivar was drafted shortly after that. For a year, he endured a harsh life in the army. Where his sister had not been given an advantage over others, Johan was certain that everyone around him was working to make his life miserable.
by Hero Forge by Julian Ralid

When he was only fifteen years old, he was sent to battle in a foreign land. His captain told him that the decision to include someone so young in such a dangerous operation came directly from his father, to give him the opportunity to prove to him that Johan was worthy of the family's name.

The operation was a success. They registered only one loss: Johan. Or so they thought because they couldn't retrieve his body. His comrades in arms celebrated the funerary rites in his honour. Ivar Morto honoured his son as a hero in a public ceremony. And never mentioned his name again.

Johan knows death in a dessert. He strays away from his group according to the plan. In his path, he shoots a handful of enemies. Splatters of warm blood drip from his face and clothes and he feels cold. He slips into the cave and activates the bombs. The young soldier has plenty of time to come back to his group. Johan doesn't come back.


-Welcome home, Remi.
-I'm happy to be here.
— Johan and his superior

by Midjourney
After his death, Johan was free to follow his heart's desire: Join the Followers of the return. He became a devoted recruit, following their rules and commands flawlessly. In return, he found a place where he belonged, a family and, more importantly, an effective way to accomplish his purpose in life: create problems for the Pogron Empire and his father.

Since he joined the organization, he named himself Remi. Everyone commented on his bravery in fooling his father. To protect him, the organization instated the rule that if anyone would dare to reveal he is alive and a member of the Followers of The Return, the person would be executed immediately.

Johan went to great lengths to avoid getting discovered. One year before The Lost returned to Dethion, Johan underwent plastic surgery to change his facial structure, and doctors reconstructed his fingerprints and even his teeth. Johan wished there was a way to change his DNA, but sadly it wasn't possible.

This proved to be the right decision, because his changed appearance, and his knowledge about the secret military bases in Pogron, were the key for putting their plans in motion to rescue The Lost when they got back to Dethion.

Remi looks himself in the mirror for the first time since the procedure. He doesn't look like his father or his sister anymore. He smiles and marvels at how round his cheeks are, how his noise is no longer a sharp angle. He looks at his hands and teeth and laughs until someone comes for him. Remi is shaking on the floor.


Johan Morto

Johan Morto

Towards Mia Morto


Mia Morto


Towards Johan Morto


Mia Morto (sibling)
Current Residence
short, deep red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
Aligned Organization
-Why are you here? You could have anything you wanted.
-I never wanted anything from them. They only had nightmares to give me.
-What do you want from us, then?
-A family.
— Johan and a superior
by Midjourney modified by Julian Ralid
-Maybe we should reconsider this, Remi.
-Because it could get us killed.
-Don't worry. I'll protect you.
— Johan and a friend
by Midjourney
-What did you do to end up here?
-Fight for justice!
-That's what everyone does. I meant more specifically.
-Oh, right. I set up a monument on fire in Rogion in the name of the Followers of The Return.
— Johan and an inmate
Underground prison
Building / Landmark | Sep 29, 2022

There is no hope here. Or is it?

by Midjourney

Character Portrait image: by Hero Forge by Julian Ralid


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