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Ivar Morto

Ruler of the Pogron Empire

In control of his destiny

In war there is only one rule I follow: Getting out of here alive. Nothing else matters.
— Ivar Morto

by Midjourney
Born and raised in Rogion, Ivar Morto, since he was old enough to understand his place in the city elite, knew what he wanted: power. As a privileged son of a wealthy family, he could've chosen to spend his days dilapidating his family's money and seeking the many pleasures Rogion had to offer. He did not care for that.

Ivar firmly believed he was better than everyone else around him. His destiny was to rule them all. After all, he was born in a nation founded on the values of pursuing and conquering one wishes.

Ivar was on a mission to become the best son Pogron could have. In his time in the army, he had seen how many missed opportunities to make the nation bigger the command lose, just in name of something as unimportant as peace. Only he had the determination to bring glory to the Empire.

Private Morto wipes the blood on his knuckles in his uniform white shirt. The stupid boy that dared to insult him lies on the ground his face is bruised and bloody. He is missing teeth, and his nose is crooked. The rest of the young soldiers stare at them in stunned silence.

The officer in charge approaches the group, takes a look at them and makes a decision. He nods at Private Morto and lets him go. Then, the officer motions to the soldiers to take the fallen boy to the infirmary. The boy is never seen again. The official record says he wasn't fit for the army.

One nation under his thumb

Our nation has lost its path. We are destined to greatness, to glory. We always were. We always will be. I swear that under my command we will win the war. No one can stop us.
— General Ivar Morto

Ivar quickly rose to the highest ranks of the army thanks to his courage, intelligence and lack of mercy for the enemies. At a very young age, he became a general. But that wasn't enough for him. His dream of controlling Pogron wasn't complete.

That's why he devised an operation that would end the war against Asnar and gave them the leverage to overcome Edrea in the power game the nations were locked for decades. But first, he needed the approval of the people. Ivar needed to show them he was the only one that could do it.
by Hero Forge by Julian Ralid

General Morto took a page from Pogron's ancient history and conspired to kill all his political opponents before he conducted a public campaign to prove how vile, useless and weak they were. By the time they were gone (by his own hands), the people were begging him to take control of the nation and their destinies. General Morto, as a good son of his homeland, complied.

General Morto stands in the war room. He is in control of every person in this room, in this case, in the army. Soon, his grasp will extend to the nation, and more. The ticking clock of the missiles approaching their target marks the seconds until his plan is complete.

After the victory, in the same military base, Mia is born. Her cries fill his father's ears and heart. Ivar takes the newborn in his arms, and he swears she will inherit the Pogron Empire.

Unlimited power

The Lost are with us once again. This is a sign of the greatness our nation has achieved. After centuries we accmplished the great feat of rescuing our biggest heroes. It's time to celebrate how far we have come.
— General Ivar Morto
by Midjourney
General Morto has ruled over Pogron for 35 years. In all of those years, he had achieved many great things for his people, by oppressing and exploiting other countries under his dominion. But in the last years, there has been some talking about how he is getting too old, and maybe it's time for a new ruler to rise.

They don't care that Pogron's ruler had run a campaign to gain the favour of the people for his daughter Mia Morto and it worked. In the mind of the public, Mia is the natural successor of Ivar.

General Morto was quick to take advantage of the unexpected return of The Lost. When his subordinates communicated him the news, he immediately gave orders to keep the information a secret and later General Morto crafted a plan to present the return as an achievement of the nation's scientists and, more specifically, his daughter. Thanks to her device, soon his power will extend beyond the stars.

A young man about his daughter's age sits in front of General Morto. But this man is a relic from the past. This man has seen things that Ivar only could ever dream of.

For the first time in decades he feels envy of someone else's destiny. He doesn't care for that feeling. General Morto decides this man, and all The Lost will grant him his wish: unlimited power.

Current Location
grey, short
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale white
-That madman did it again!
-Why are you so surprised?
-I don't know how he can stomach doing that.
-It's not about his stomach. It's the lack of soul.
— Two soldiers talking about Private Morto.
by Midjourney
-That arrogant boy believes he can take my place?
-That's what our spies say, sir.
-Impossible. The people love me.
— Pogron's leader before General Morto. Two years later, he was found dead in a hotel room.
by Midjourney
The Anomaly
Geographic Location | May 4, 2023

It spreads trouble across Hanzelot.

Base Infinity
Building / Landmark | Sep 18, 2022

Military base of the Pogron's Empire.

Settlement | Aug 24, 2022

Capital of Pogron. Centre of the world.

Underground prison
Building / Landmark | Sep 29, 2022

There is no hope here. Or is it?

Character Portrait image: by Hero Forge by Julian Ralid


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