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Base Infinity

This military base is a well-kept secret west of the vast territories under the dominion of the Pogron Empire.
It was built many decades ago to run secret operations and train elite soldiers.


I'll give them that. The transmissions from Base Infinity were the best protected against outside intervention. Not that it was an obstacle for my equipment, but it was entertaining to see for about two minutes. Being underground is also one of its advantages. It's impressive they could build such a massive compound excavating the earth. Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised. They built a spaceship strong enough to survive several jumps through the wormholes.
— Jakkooi. Dethion Supervisor.

by Midjourney
The base was built even before The Anomaly appeared over Dethion's sky. Although it morphed and expanded over the centuries. While some structures like hangars and storage buildings are visible, most of it is underground.

The base includes a war room, training area, laboratories, armoury, crop fields, hospital, kitchens, and dorms for the people living there. Base Infinity is the heart of Pogron's power. While they have many military buildings of great importance, those are very well known, and they could afford to lose them. Not Base Infinity.


The base produces thousands of reports. While my equipment does most of the sorting and summary, I still have a lot to analyse: soldier's training, planning and supervising military operations, experiments in the laboratory, and the crops. Their diligence for their reports rivals ours. Perhaps that's why they are winning the war.
— Jakkooi. Dethion Supervisor

  • War operations
    The war and the military control over vast territories are conducted from here. Admiral Morto divides his time between the base and Rogion . He is always aware that power is a fickle being, obedient only to a merciless master.

  • Training
    Only the best soldiers are brought to Base Infinity. The process involves physical combat, mastering all sorts of weapons, mental exercises to endure extreme conditions under captivity and shedding of any resemblance of mercy to anyone that's not useful to the completion of the mission. It also includes bodily alterations.
by Midjourney
  • Experiments
    Most of the experiments conducted on Base Infinity are designed to enhance the soldiers' bodies and minds to make them more resistents, faster, and stronger. They had great success so far.
    Recently, scientists had started to study how to command a much more complicated phenomenon.
  • Crops
    A relic of the past that grows in the depth of the base are the Liri and the Bozyl. Two sacred species of plants were important for two of Pogron's rituals. The Liri was the main element of the annual celebrations of their god Soma. The Bozyl was used only by true warriors in the funerals of their comrades fallen in combat.

Future plans

They are mad. My mission is hopeless.
— Jakkooi. Dethion Supervisor
by Midjourney




Government complex
Characters in Location
by Midjourney modified by Julian Ralid

Dear Amir,
Even if we are told at every moment that around us are the best killing machines Dethion can produce, I do not feel fear.
Today, I stole another piece of equipment. Perhaps I could still have the chance to escape and see you again. Our friends are hopeful.
— Maya

by Midjourney modified by Julian Ralid

Dear Amir,
I made a copy of the files we could hack in the laboratories while our friends distracted the guards with stories about the Isoxato.
I like to think I'm getting closer to you.
— Maya

by Midjourney modified by Julian Ralid
Dear Amir,
We found the location of the rest of the crew. They are prisoners, and we don't want to imagine what they are going through.

I have no doubts the moment the Admiral realizes our cooperation is not giving them the results they want, we'll end up there.
— Maya


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