Boring look hides a powerful secret

It's our honor to guard the bozil. The last ritual for our brother and sisters in arms. We will remember them. They will remember us. Our glory never forgotten.- Oath of honor by the guards of the bozyl

The bozyl grows in secrets facilities protected by the army and guarded by hundreds of soldiers. This plant is cultivated by the best botanists in the world. The bozil has a thin dark green stem, it's five centimetres long and have three or four black bulbs that flower once a year for a single day. It looks very ordinary and dull. The army built greenhouses where the scientists recreated the dry climate of the Pogron's tundras and manipulated the plant to maximize its effects. When the plant was discovered millennia ago it spread around unchecked and caused many conflicts for its control. Now it is forbidden by law for any common citizen to cultivate the bozyl.

One drop, too many memories

"If you want to remember the bozyl is your friend but you must not temper with it for too long or madness you should fend"-Old Song

The bozyl has the effect to activate specific memories controled by the user of the drug. When someone drinks the black liquid produced with the bozyl gains the ability to relive a memory like it's happening in fron of their eyes all over again. The user doesn't need to move to feel the same that once felt. They can remember the smells, the touch, the colors and the sounds or whatever they choose to relive. When this effect was first discovered people used it without control and lost their minds. After more than four hours of drinking bozyl they couldn't tell beetwen a memory and real life and eventually got crazy, and locked away

A last celebration before the oblivion

"I saw him smiling again. I saw him teaching to hide. I felt his bloodied chest soaking my hands. I felt my tears. It was worth it."-Anonymous soldier.Tales of the last great war in Pogron

The army not only has the control over the cultivation of this plant but also the process that creates the liquid drank by their soldiers all over the world in the official warriors funerals celebrated after their big battles. The warriors funerals are a crucial moment for all the soldiers who are also followers of Soma's religion. This funeral is rooted in the warrior traditions of Pogron's culture centered around the glory, and pleasures of the body. Before the army took control of the bozyl thousands of years ago many people celebrated their lost loved one drinking this drug or just for recreation.

The government decided that this was dangerous and forbid their use for the common population. They used the high value put on the warriors and conquest to reduce the use of the bozyl only for the fallen soldiers. Although technology advanced the army took advantage of it to perfect the bozyl, the process and distribution to the loyal troops fighting their wars.