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Followers of the return

Number among The Followers of The Return are on the rise all over Dethion.

The question about where The Lost are being held remains unanswered.

Old shrines and places of worship overflows with prayers, and more people join its army.

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They will come back. I won't give up on them. I believe that if The Anomaly took them the same forces will bring them back to us. I'll do whatever is in my power to keep my hope alive.
— a spouse from one The Lost

Maya Andreou

Holographic locket displaying the portrait of Maya Andreou. A social scientist aboard Fatan.

The object belonged to her family. Currently under the protection of The Followers of the Return.
The Followers of the Return was founded in 5333, two years after the designated date the crew aboard Fatan would come back to the planet. The mission, promoted and funded by The Otuzarur didn't cross The Anomaly.

To make matters worse, the phenomenon that graces Dethion's sky for over a decade disappeared, and no one could explain how or why. The governments were in trouble, the alliance cracked, and the geopolitical issues became too severe to pay attention to anything else.

The people started to call the crew The Lost. The propaganda machine made sure to shift the focus from the crew that didn't come back to more pressing matters like the need to be victorious in the conflicts to come over the nuate and other resources.
In this context, the families and friends of the people that participated in the mission were desperate and heartbroken. They started to meet regularly to support each other through their grief.

Most of them held to the hope that their loved ones someday would come back. That wish gave them a purpose and a name. They named their organisation Followers of the Return because they would forever follow the hope of the return of The Lost.

At first, the organization had the goal to be a safe place for the people grieving the 22 crew members aboard Fatan. That changed when the organization fighted the government for answers about what happened and asked for fair retribution. When they became public, more citizens joined their cause.


The Anomaly does not care where we are born or what language with speak. We will receive everyone, and we won't fight our siblings in Dethion. We must keep the peace until The Lost return.
— Leader

As expected, The Otuzarur was dissolved and some years after war broke among who once were allies. Pogron attacked Asnar and after they defeated that nation, subjected Edrea to its power too. The proud nation way or another controlled the nuate and the planet.

The war started five years after the Followers of the Return's foundation, which meant that its member, widowers, children, parents, and siblings of The Lost voiced their disapproval of war between the nations and opposed the bloodshed and crisis the war always caused.
Their opposition attracted more people to their cause from the nations of Edrea and Asnar and their allies, even a few from Pogron. The organization grew and expanded while the war continued for several years.

When the military conflict ended, The Followers of The Return rivalled in adepts the traditional religions. The organization assimilated the gods saying they were the creators of The Anomaly, and only worshipping their creation, The Lost would return. The devastation caused by the war pushed people into believing that if the crew returned everything would be fixed.
by Midjourney


by Midjourney

Painting of The Anomaly
In the centuries that followed the war, the power of the organization expanded so much that it became the bigger rival of the Pogron Empire. While the Followers of The Return didn't control land or police, they did have plenty of people in their lines and economical resources.

After the founders were long one, new generations took over the cult and warped their beliefs. The traditional gods were abandoned completely, and what emerged as the central figure of worship was The Anomaly itself.
The Lost remained as an excuse for bringing more adepts into the organization, and with them, more financial resources that the Leaders used to build a secret army to overthrow the status quo.

The current leader to rise is Sanon. She is a young woman belonging (allegedly) to the lineage of Maya Andreou. Sanon is seen with the locket with her at all times. Holding it and sometimes even bowing too. She also has a collection of paintings of The Anomaly. Many say this is a way to show off her devotion. Meanwhile, she is doing everything she can to rescue The Lost.

We were right all along. Every pain with suffering since our foundation was worth it. The Lost are back. They trusted us with the knowledge that now belongs to all of us. We must rescue them from the clutches of the Pogron Empire. We must do it for them, our founders and most of all to honour The Anomaly, the cosmic forces that brought them back.
— Leader Sanon

The Lost are back home. Our revenge can commence. | Leader Sanon-

The Empire intercepted our communications. Release the journals. | Leader Sanon
Pogron will pay for this. Execute Operation R&G. | Leader Sanon

We are ready to attack. | Leader Sanon

by Midjourney modified by Julian Ralid

by Midjourney

The cult moved many of the operations to the jungle to build underground bunkers. While their official communication insists their goals are pacific, since the crew of Fatan returned to the planet, their efforts to reinforce an army have increased.

(I wonder if I should report this to my superiors. No, I don't have enough data yet to make an accurate recommendation)
— Jakkooi
The cult now has an army. They still haven't managed to rescue the crew nor do they know their location. But it's just a matter of time until they get the correct intel. If they found out about Admiral Morto's plans, chaos and death will spread all over their planet.

(Why did they bring them back? This species only causes death and suffering. I still don't know what I should recommend as a course of action for Dethion)
— Jakkooi

by Midjourney


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