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The Fate of the Gods

Being an account of the fate of the gods directly after the events of The Sundering...

Everyone agrees about the events that led to the greatest cataclysm in recorded history, The Sundering, but there is much conjecture and disagreement as to the fate of The Gods of Gothenya following the cataclysmic event.   The Sundering is marked by an enormous explosion that is said to have occurred within Celene herself, rocking the very foundation of the mountain. Legend speaks of a city of the gods within Celene, with its own homes and superstructures. Evidently, these structures were either damaged or collapsed, essentially burying the gods alive. It is believed that either through injury or design, the gods entered a form of collective sleep (perhaps even a coma) from which they have yet to awake. If by choice, one may only guess as to their motives for such a withdraw from the conscious realm.   The result of this slumber of the gods is a far-reaching "radio silence" with regards to their followers and their prayers. Not that the faithful have been completely disconnected, rather they now only receive snippets of dreams when they commune, and they must work harder to essentially "trick" the gods into granting their powers, teasing them out on an unconscious level.   However, not all the gods are involved in the long sleep. Several lesser deities were slain during the Sundering, crushed by the interior of the mountain itself. Included amongst their ranks was the demi-power Syggos, (brother of Ryktuss, Krytuss and Chronos), who the anniversary of Celene is named for and dedicated to.   But most perplexing of all, and the source of the widest debate, is the fate of two Lords in particular. The brothers Krytuss and Chronos. Both are believed to have escaped Celene during the confluence, but if this is true, their current whereabouts are completely unknown. At least, this applies to Chronos, where not even rumor places him anywhere in the realms of man. However, Krytuss' location might be less of a mystery.   It is alleged that, injured, he crossed the World Sea in search of an uninhabited place where he could recover. It's even legend that the Serpent Isles were formed from his destructive wake. There's a lot of disagreement about what happened next. The most prevalent theory, one supported in large part by the Lentokki, is that Krytuss came to rest in the Demon Isles of the Ultima Thule. Here, ironically, those who support the theory believe he froze beneath the ice. There is even an organization dedicated to help find and revive him... The Sanguine Order, who operate from their icy castle of Coldkeep.   For the lords allegedly "trapped" within Celene herself, there is no plan on how to raise them once more. The mountain is off limits to all mortals, and is even protected by an order of monks, The Staying Hand, who have vowed to cease (through any means necessary) any attempt to breach the Godshome. For now, it seems, the faithful disciples of the gods must be content interpreting snippets of their divine dreams.  
Frozen Lord


The very gods of Gothenya, those who did not perish, entered a deep slumber after the events of the Sundering, save for two...

Historical Basis

The Sundering cannot be denied, as well as the fact that prior to it, the gods were in direct communion with their disciples. However, after the Sundering, the gods all went mostly silent. This silence persists to this very day.


The fate of the gods, though open to debate, is effectually known by all. Whether they are sleeping or merely withdrawn from the affairs of man, their communications post-Sundering have been limited to that of dream images and discordant missives, many in alien tongues.

In Art

The monastic Order of The Staying Hand maintains the finest collection of art regarding Celene, housed within their Temple-City of Kelignore.  
Staying Hand
Date of Setting
2,000 years ago.
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