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The Staying Hand

"Protectors of Celene..."

A monastic order dedicated to preserving "Godshome," The Staying Hand operates out of their mountain temple-city of Kelignore, literally built upon the slopes of Mount Celene. Their mission is to protect the holy mountain from those who would seek to penetrate her interior. They pride themselves as protectors of the sleep of the gods. Their philosophy includes the notion that the gods will wake when they are ready, and any disturbance of their home would be presumptuous at best, sacrilegious at worst.   The monastery is open to all races and religions, as long as they hold to the tenets of the order. Those who reside within Kelignore are tasked with its defense, and are trained in the spiritual path of the "staying hand," an unarmed combat style unique to the order. The order claims an inordinate number of Dragonborn monks, which may be more than an anomaly (though few know for sure).   Kelignore was built approximately one thousand years ago, once it was clear that even with the blood mages expelled from the west, there were those who intended to seize Celene's powers for themselves.   The monks of The Staying Hand are also the protectors of the Scrolls of Sivashiss (the goddess of knowledge). More fragments, torn and partially burnt, than full scrolls, these four holy items were recovered from the flames of The Sundering and are now under the care of the monastic order. Part of each monk's study is to meditate on the scrolls, on display within the inner sanctum of Kelignore. To date, the "language of the gods" written upon the fragments has yet to be deciphered.   On their highest holy day, The Moonday of Syggos, the monks take the scrolls from the inner sanctum and put them on (guarded) display outside the walls of Kelignore, for all to study. Perhaps one day, someone will arrive who can read what secrets they contain.  


Run by a conclave of sixteen monks, one for each of the "original gods."

Public Agenda

To protect Celene from those who would plunder her treasures and disturb the sleep of the gods.


The order maintains roughly 800 monks, all of whom contribute to the care and maintenance of the monastery, as well as its defense. The residents grow their own food and craft their own clothing and weapons as well.  

Follow The Sublime Wisdom of Sleep

Founding Date
Founded over 1,000 years ago, Post-Sundering.
Religious, Monastic Order
Related Myths

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