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The Moonday of Syggos

"The Anniversary of The Sundering"

The Moonday of Syggos   A yearly holiday, landing upon the 4th of Halverod.   The anniversary of the Sundering is an annual holiday. A strange one in that it is celebrated by “challenging the fates” through “playful reenactments” of the Sundering itself. It’s sort of like Halloween in that people dress up, they run around and interact with each other, and each household has one designated “Celene” who everyone else (strangers, etc) give gifts to in order to placate. The villains of the day are the “blood mages” who are tasked with giving gifts to all others. People come up with really fun, dastardly costumes when they play blood mages. Kids love to see the blood mages in action. Some actual magic is allowed within major city limits (sort of the same way fireworks are allowed in modern society).  
Tiefling Mystic


The holiday is nearly as old as the Sundering, having been first celebrated on the centennial anniversary of the cataclysm.   Syggos is the fabled lost brother of Ryktuss and Krytuss, and cousin to Chronos. He was the Lord of Entropy, and the best known casualty of the Sundering (in that he is believed to be actually dead, and not just asleep). The holiday is named in his dubious honor.*   On this day, the moon shines like a second sun, equal in power to the very star that lights Gothenya, as it did the very day of the Sundering.   *A few other gods, such as Pyruss (the Lord of Solitude) have also perished, but only due to their followers being fully eliminated. Only Syggos suffered his fate as a result of the Sundering proper.


Costumes relating to and reenactments of the Sundering, though more symbolic than historically accurate, are the mainstay of this holiday.


The Moonday of Syggos is observed across the entire west, with the entire general population of both Hariel Majour and Minuta participating.


In memory of the Gods of Celene and their long slumber.
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