Session 52 - Fight in the Funhouse

General Summary

20 Lamashan (Oct), 4720
Deep beneath the stone giant fortress of Jorgenfist, the Saviors of Sandpoint found themselves doing battle with ancient Thassalonian magic on two fronts. The first was the room before them, with magic distorting the size of the room and the size of anyone who entered it. Mite found himself reduced to a fraction of his standard size when he had attempted to explore the room.   There was also the matter of the three misshapen hill giants standing guard in the room. They were runeslaves, giants that had been sacrificed and reborn as magical warriors faster and more robust than before. They seemed unaffected by the room or had long recovered from the magical effects. Despite their speed and durability, the giants fell to the hero's onslaught.   The party caught up with Dagourn Thundercrag in the room containing both the runeslave cauldron and a giant stone golem. Quilith put up a wall of force to keep the stone golem away while the party confronted Dagourn. The drakkyl confessed that he led the party on a chase to eliminate as many obstacles and threats on the layer above. Arcaan told the party that Dagourn had worked for Clegg Zincher in Riddleport. His job was to collect the same Thassalonian artifacts Arcaan would try to get for Elias Tammerhawk. The two often found themselves in conflict, and it was obvious there was no love lost between them.   Dagourn, however, was a healer. He patched up members of the Saviors of Sandpoint (ignoring Arcaan's injuries) and confessed that they were his best chance of gaining his freedom. The sihedron star had been carved into his chest, which meant even his soul was claimed by someone other than the person of his worship, the Dark Queen. That would not do. He wanted them to succeed because without them, he would never be free.   Quilith used his ring of sustinence to take a quick nap (under guard) so he could recover his spells. During that time, Dagourn confided to the party that on an occasion when he thought himself alone, Mokmurian spoke to someone. Dagourn saw no one else in the room, but Mokmurian was definitely speaking to someone. Dagourn suspected that he was under the sway of someone named "Karzoug", a name the party recognized as one of the runelords - the Runelord of Greed.   When Quilith awoke and prepared himself, Mite used his diminutive stature to sneak ahead. He entered a cold room filled with dead giants in armor posed for combat. All giants, including a headless one brandishing two battle axes, turned their attention to Mite.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
09 Oct 2022