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Session 43 - Sandpoint Invasion

General Summary

For the first time in a long time, the Saviors of Sandpoint spent the night in the comfort of their own beds, safe within the walls of the former Kaijitsu Manor. Even Gallious and Kumiko , excited and curious after hours of studying the spellbook once belonging to a mage named Rylvir, managed to find a comfortable rest.   The next morning, while houseguest Shayliss Vinder helped house manager Gathios with breakfast, Truett explained the Shayliss situation. He told them that, several nights ago, stablemaster Velarie was returning from a day of fishing by the river when he discovered the young Vinder, bloody and unconscious on the side of the road. He carried her back to the manor where Truett tended to her wounds. When he asked Shayliss about them, she said that she had been walking along the river when a hooded man attacked her and tried to kill her. She managed to fight him off, but her wounds were too great and she succumbed to loss of blood. A probable story, Truett noted, but for the fact that some of the wounds on her forearms and wrists were at a precise angle and appeared to be self-inflicted.   Truett did not push the issue and sent Gathios to the General Store to inform her parents. Ven wasn't around, which was no surprise as he was only seen in public late at night staggering home from any tavern he could stumble to. His wife, Solsa, was working at the store and Gathios told her simply that her daughter had been injured and was recovering at the manor. "Thank you for letting us know," was all Solsa said in response.   After Gathios told him what had happened at the store, Truett told the girl she could stay at the manor while she recovered. There was no need for her to rush home. She lowered her gaze and told him, "There’s nothing for me there.”   Breakfast was interrupted by a visit from Titus Scarnetti, along with bodyguard Orik Vancaskerin and several other thugs. He had seen that the Sheriff had been to the manor the previous night and thought he was delivering bad news. "Adventurers are retired more than they retire," Titus told them, but should the unthinkable ever happen he would be willing to offer a fair price for the manor to the survivor or any next of kin. He asked if Jayvielle had next of kin. When he mentioned the mayor, Titus chuckled and said, "no, real next of kin." Kilgor suggested he watch his words. The overall feeling in the room quickly turned threatening, filled with hostile glares and Mite snacking on a human hand. Titus took his leave.   The heroes went to speak to Brodert Quink at his home. Brodert was quite hungover and could not offer much by way of information. Doran came to his home a few days ago and wanted to discuss Thassalonian history. He asked if Brodert had books on architecture and geography. He claimed to be searching for a library of some kind. Brodert showed him some texts and maps. Doran took notes, thanked him, and left with his four dwarven mercenaries. He also had a shard similar to the ones the Saviors of Sandpoint had discovered. He seemed interested in that, and Brodert was surprised when he hadn't come to see them.   The meeting was broken up when a large booming, crashing sound reverberated throughout Sandpoint. The sound of screaming soon followed. The heroes took to the streets and traveled to the north gate. It was under siege by five stone giants who were hurling boulders at it. The heroes attacked. Four stone giants were killed or knocked unconscious, and the fifth fled. Soon more attacks could be heard throughout Sandpoint. They fought a second group of stone giants, who were accompanied by dire bears, that were stuffing people and goods into large sacks.   Kumiko flew overhead and saw something approaching from the horizon. Something big. Something fast. Horrified, she soon realized that the creature flying toward Sandpoint was the metallic-looking dragon known as Deathwing, the creature responsible for wiping out the Kingdom of Laterre. Her home.   The beast flew over Sandpoint and landed atop the Sandpoint Garrison. The screams of Sandpoint citizens were drowned out by Deathwing's mighty roar.
Rise of the Runelords
Report Date
30 May 2022