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Episode 34 - Regrouping in Riddleport

General Summary

Shortly after breakfast, Maly was visited by two Darkwatch agents who questioned her regarding a recent customer that she had done business with. The customer, a female drow disguised as an elf, wanted to purchase a very expensive magical item. The drow's associates found out and took her funds, warning her that if she tried to obtain the item she would be killed. Maly contacted the Hunter's Mark and received a contract that she offered to the drow. This would allow her to cover the outstanding funds, preventing her from being pressed into slavery by the owner of the magic item. The drow had three weeks to complete the task and set out only a few days ago. Maly could relate since her group had abandoned her as well, which was almost a death sentence.   Shevala Iorae received word from Eviana that the body of Kaerishiel had been recovered. He appeared to have been tortured to death. Fjord was still missing. The Lantern Bearers sent Kaerishiel's body for resurrection and recovery. Eviana relayed that the Lantern Bearers would remain in a supporting role until their leader returned, so there was not an immediate push for the Guardians of Golarion to return. Their assistance would be requested in the very near future, but it was entirely their choice to assist or not. The Guardians had already done a great deal for the war effort, and have sacrificed in the process.   Over the next ten days, the Guardians regrouped. Buck and Sir Godric retrained and refocused, while Kuuro worked on creating poisons. Rooker communed with the spirits and brought Jobu back in the form of a Faerie Dragon. Reh visited with her mother and uncle Graffolk, who offered her a safer pursuit of knowledge in the Cyphermage Academy in Riddleport. They also shopped at Maly's Wondrous Vault.   Alongside a recovered Kaerishiel and a revenge-hungry Shalelu, the Guardians returned to the staging camp outside Celwynvian. Eviana discussed a plan of attack to hit the Academy of Arts, gain control of the Armageddon Echo, and deal with any drow leadership that may be in the area. Kaerishiel would attack the front doors, Shalelu would go through the roof in the western section of the Academy, and the Guardians hit the south.   At sunrise the next morning, all three groups hit the Academy. The Guardians accidentally tipped their hand as they approached the building, and were met with a fireball, two ashblood brutes, and a drow mage. They were quickly dispatched, but before they could continue into the Academy a loud explosion echoed through the building.

Rewards Granted


  41 005 + 1 655 = 42 660 XP!

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Regroup and retrain.
  • Attack the Academy of Arts.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Eviana
  • Uncle Graffolk (Reh)
Second Darkness
Sir Godric
Rooker Shango
Report Date
31 May 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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