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Shevala Iorae

Venture-Captain Shevala Iorae

Shevala Iorae is a Varisian venture-captain in the Pathfinder Society who lives and works in the Society's Grand Lodge in Absalom. She helped found the lodge in her native Magnimar in 4706 AR and often travels there to visit. She is known for her stern demeanor and association with less-than-scrupulous mercenaries and vagabonds, the most famous of these being the renegade Pathfinder Eando Kline.   Although she began her studies in Varisia exploring the ancient ruins of fallen Thassilon, she made her name within the Society by studying the many siege towers that litter the Cairnlands outside the wall of her adopted home. The Spire of Nex, an immense siege tower located 10 miles to the north of the walls of Absalom, became her particular focus of interest. She studied it for many years, and in 4703 AR was the first person to discover how to unlock it in over a thousand years. To do this, Shevala employed a team of mathematicians to crack a complex cipher keyed to the Spire's "unopenable" door. Shevala's exploits was published in volume 36 of the Pathfinder Chronicles.   Shevala also explored and mapped the two top levels of the dungeons of Red Redoubt of Karamoss.

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Now an influential venture-captain operating out of the Grand Lodge of Absalom, Shevala got her start as an adventurer exploring the crumbling ruins of ancient Thassilon in her native Varisia. When the decemvirate requested her aid, she traveled to Absalom and was seduced by the city’s allure. Like Varisia, the Isle of Kortos is littered with ancient ruins, its many Siege Castles standing just outside the city’s shadow. The mile-high Spire of Nex immediately commanded her attention, and Shevala spent several years searching for a way into the sealed tower and collecting lore about Nex himself before finally succeeding in unlocking its door.   Still, at heart Shevala remains a wild Varisian girl, making annual trips to the lodge in Magnimar hat she helped found. She is a known associate of the renegade Pathfinder Eando Kline, and her association with rakish sellswords and charismatic scoundrels has given her a reputation as a playful and adventurous free spirit despite her persistently serious demeanor.
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