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Maly's Wondrous Vault

The shop is a two-story building of living wood, with carved wooden doors and a smooth stone floor. It is well lit by glowing gemstones set into the ceiling. The original shopkeeper was a young female human named Maly. She had a young daughter named Anen who idolizes adventurers. After Maly's passing, Fjord became Anen's guardian and reopened the shop.   Despite being a city filled with pirates and underworld organizations, The Wonderous Vault never seemed to be bothered by the criminal elements. One would think that it would be an easy target, being a place of magic items for sale being run by a single woman. When asked about this Maly just smiled. “Every vault has its guardians. Even this one.” She never elaborates on this.

Purpose / Function

This shop, a building of wood and nature amidst a city of stone and dirt, is one of the most noteworthy magic shops in Riddleport. Since Maly's passing and Fjord's disappearance, young Anen is making ends meet through the sale of consumable magic items - potions, scrolls, and wands. But there are occasionally magical items for sale, usually pirate loot or items traded for other goods.


The two-story building appears to be made of a wide, round tree trunk hollowed out with a domed roof. The shingles on top of the roof seem to be made of clay, but look to be overlapping leaves.


Despite its physical durability, The Wonderous Vault has potent spiritual guardians that keep the establishment, and its occupants, safe. It took the overwhelming force of Matan'sa to fight off the spirits, but for the run-of-the-mill Riddleport criminals and cutthroats they are more than enough protection. Large shadowy figures can often be seen out of the corner of one's eye when inside the shop, but the shapes vanish upon inspection. Despite apparently being run by a child, Maly's Wonderous Vault is not a target for crime.   The totems that protect the Vault have been unstable as of late. In 4719, Fjord attempted to confront these forces to ensure Anen's safety. He has not been seen since. Yet Anen remains in the Wonderous Vault.
Alternative Names
The Wonderous Vault
Shop, Magic
Parent Location
Characters in Location

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