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The Historian's Crest

Welcome, fair Travelers to the Great Library of Stoverj! I am Pwin, your personal Librarian to help guide you through the dizzying twists and turns of the seemingly endless maze of shelves lined with books from ages long past. Let us not venture far before highlighting this illustrious crest you will find scattered all throughout these halls. It belongs to the Historians Guild of Stoverj. These devoted souls commit their lives to the cataloging and preservation of the knowledge of Gokrenxia and are readily recognized by the deep blues and browns of their robes, which you see reflected here.   Their crest begins as many others, in the shape of a simple shield. But note how the bend and break that runs down its length gives the appearance of the spine of a book. This is meant to symbolize the defense and protection of knowledge. Moving slightly inward, the pair of wings is meant to reflect the Historians' beliefs that those who follow the path of knowledge will be taken to new heights. The antlers to either side of the inner shield are a testament to Amari Wa'la, the heroine of the Kynekin whose bravery and vision ultimately brought about this very kingdom of Vath'azen. The keys extending below the center are meant to represent the unlocking of the hidden treasures of wisdom; one for each of the Kynekin races represented at the Signing of the Thee'nor Accord: Arjeev, Vyrian, and Shar’elum. Here in the center shield, we see a crowned skull to represent knowledge lost, the crossed quills of the written word, crossed keys of truths yet to be unlocked, and the candle representing the light of truth.
— Pwin, Shar'elum Librarian

The Historian's Crest by Koragath

Creation Date
22, 2A
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Common (in Stoverj)

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