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Combat Logistics Transport Unit

Written by Sierra Brown.
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A specialized doctrine of the UASF's infantry transport unit that operates as standard, general-purpose short-range transportation through air and space.

The Combat Logistics Transport Unit is a dedicated wing of transports and their crew. These units provide logistical support to deployed forces in the form of troop, vehicle, and cargo transport through air, space, or both. This formation doctrine is used by a variety of active-duty units, including the Alfa Elite Forces' Blackjack division. This unit formation falls under the second command tier, lead by a Sergeant, and is typically grouped with other units under a Lieutenant-commanded wing or platoon.




A complete combat transport unit typically consists of six transport craft. Each craft is generally crewed by two to three personnel each. This provides a total of twelve to eighteen personnel per typical unit. These units are commanded by two Sergeants - The A and B designated pilots, who serve as the flight lead and sub-lead, respectively.


Most combat logistics units field a pilot, co-pilot, and sometimes a dedicated in-flight mechanic if the co-pilot cannot perform that role. However, some units also act as dedicated medevacs and include an assigned medical technician and emergency medical equipment as part of their crew.



As their primary focus is logistical transport, combat logistics transport units field transport craft. These can be aircraft, spacecraft, or aerospace capable craft, depending on the needs and intended deployment of the wing. The exact transport model can also vary from unit to unit based on requirements and availability of assets.


Command Structure

Combat logistics units are typically deployed in wings of several individual units lead by a Lieutenant or attached to fleets or vessels under the command of the Wing Officer. In some units, each transport pilot is also granted the Corporal rank to reflect their leadership status with their crew.




Combat logistics units primarily operate off carriers, stations, and airbases and receive all maintenance needs through their hanger's maintenance crews. This maintenance is coordinated with the craft's co-pilot or dedicated engineer. At the same time, the pilot handles the administrative duties of post- and pre-flight. Supplies and refueling also occur within the unit's hangers.



If deployed to heavy combat zones, it's not uncommon for logistical units to be escorted by a companion combat unit. In combat logistics transports, they may be accompanied by aerostar superiority units or close air support units, depending on the nature of the threat to the transports.

While in their hangers, the units are generally maintained by hanger maintenance crews and kept supplied and fueled by hanger logistical support crews.

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